The A to Z of Beard Maintenance - Part 1

Like all of life's great joys, growing a beard too, comes with its own share of responsibilities. From cleaning and conditioning, to combing and general maintenance, beard growing is an art and a science. So today, let us familiarise you with the A to Z of a great beard maintenance.

A is for Application

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Application is a loaded word and in this setting has a dual meaning. The first of course is regular application of oils, leave in conditioners, balms and other beard maintenance emollients. The second is making a habit of this. Your beard is only as awesome as your ritual, and application of this ritual is as important as the ritual itself.

B is for Brushing

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Okay, most of us began growing our beards simply because we were too lazy to shave. We (or our significant others) loved the look and so we decided to persist with it. Change from being a lazy bum, to being more active in caring for your beard. This will not happen overnight, but small steps like brushing your beard everyday, are a great first start!

C is for Cleansing

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Just like your body, your beard needs to be cleansed as part of a grooming ritual. Cleaning with water and a good beard wash are the cornerstones of a good beard maintenance ritual and must be followed thoroughly.

D is for Discipline

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Remember how brushing before bed was a chore as a child, but your mom always insisted on good oral hygiene? In the same way beard maintenance too, is a matter of discipline. A great beard is never a happy accident, instead it is the matter of a disciplined approach of cleansing, moisturising and combing.

E is for Enthusiasm

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At first any new thing in your life will bring you great joy. It comes as a break from the norm. But slowly your enthusiasm for these things begins to wane, and many a times, the formerly new thing is discarded. Don't let that happen to your beard! Enthusiasm plays a huge role in beard maintenance. Remember that the number of longing glances in your direction from the hotties at the nightclub are directly proportional to the enthusiasm you show for your beard maintenance ritual!

F is for Fashion

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Shaping, sculpting and styling your beard are a very important part of your beard ritual. After all your beard is the ultimate fashion accessory. And while we aren't telling you to obsess about your beard for hours in front of the mirror, fashioning it to a manageable, well groomed and slick work of art is the entire point (sometimes) of beard maintenance.

G is for Godfather

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Our proprietary Godfather oil is one of those things that is a must have for every man. The one product to put a touch of class and a subtle hint of perfume into your beards, without the heaviness normally associated with oils.

H is for Humidity:

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When it comes to your beard, humidity can be it's worst nightmare. Humidity can cause weakening, breakage and even sebum imbalance. A great cleansing (with beard wash), moisturising (with beard oil), conditioning (with beard balm), and combing routine is highly recommended to keep your man fuzz in tip-top shape.

I is for Intense Moisturising

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When it comes to Indian weather it seems as though we have either intense heat or, intense cold. Both these extremities of temperature have the same effect on your beard. They both seem to dry out your hair. Intense moisturization therefore is the name of the game for a soft, manageable beard. Check out our range of beard oils and beard wax/balms that are designed for just this purpose.

Beard maintenance is a matter of simple steps and being vigilant. Stay tuned for the next round of this 2 part series for more easy tips and tricks to help in maintaining your beard.

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