What’s the Deal with Black Magic?

You might have heard a lot about black magic, but what’s the deal with it anyway? Did you know it can take you back in time? Yes, you read that right. Think back to those college days when everything was smooth sailing. Not a worry in the world. AND you had that gorgeous girl on your arm. Unadulterated bliss!

What if we said you could relive those days? No, we’re not shitting you. So how do you do it? You’ve got to get your hands on some black magic - the temporary hair colour that lets you switch between salt and pepper, and young forever!

So if you’ve been thinking of dying your hair but don’t want to commit to it, here’s what you do:

First make sure your hair is completely dry. Next, spot those greys you want to cover for the day- ‘stache, sideburns, beard or crown. Grab your black magic brush and run it over the grey strands using gentle strokes. If you need a darker shade of black, wait a couple of minutes and apply a second coat, and there you have it.

Feeling disoriented? Before you ask who the sexy young man in the mirror is…it’s still you. And though it may not seem like 2018, it still is. And take it from us, when you look younger, you feel younger. So take that new found youth of yours, make the most of it and make her fall head over heels for you all over again.

Once the night is done, lather and rinse. Repeat as you want, when you want.

Go BLACK in time, anytime. Have a blast!

You’re welcome.

Beardo out.

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