What does your beard say about you?

There was a time when all men were equal. At least until they all shaved. And let's face it, they all shaved, because they didn't know any better. The clean shaven look was society's way of ensuring that people complied with the prescribed way of behaviour. Beards were associated with villains, don't believe us? Remember the famous cartoon, Popeye the Sailor? How could you not, it was the prototypical good versus evil gig, where the bad guy (Brutus) was a big, strong sailor, with a badass beard, picking on people smaller than himself. And kids lapped up that crap! Thank God, times have changed, and with the beard more accepted and even encouraged in modern fashion, it is a style statement, that says a lot about the person sporting it. You guessed it right, your beard says a lot about you, and here are a few things that we think you won't believe!  

1. The full beard says that you don't give a F*** about conventions

Full beards were associated with outlaws in the Wild West. And while the West is a lot more tame now, the full (well groomed) beard still gives convention the old finger. A full beard says that you're not averse to taking risks, love adventure and that you're probably your own boss. And whether that last one is true or not, even in your workplace, chances are that you're the leader of your pack. You never back down from a challenge, and are an advocate of the new, the risky and the adventurous way of doing things. The ladies love you because of your confidence and you never have to try too hard! You're quiet and assertive, and your glorious beard silences more people than you care to count!  

2.The groomed stubble says that you're adventurous, have a sensitive side

Ever wondered why the stubbled look never goes out of style? And why that one rogue with the well maintained (cultured stubble) always waltzes out with the chicas? It's simple really, women crave adventure, but value a man in touch with his feelings, and that stubble, tells them that you are a risk taker, but you have a soft side. Besides it takes some amount of effort to keep that stubble looking like a million bucks, so you obviously have patience and pride in your appearance, so you won't grudge them their time, when they are doing their make up. The cultured stubble in the workplace too is the right way to go, because it says that you are a lateral thinker, and you're pragmatic so you will do things in a way that will get the job done creatively, without ruffling too many feathers.  

3. The chinstrap says that you're the ideal mix of an artist and an outlaw

The chinstrap is one of the most cultured forms of the full beard out there. Combined with a buzz cut it gives you both devilish charm and a sensitive look to boot. It says you care about your appearance and are creative, without being vain and superficial. The chinstrap shows that you are willing to take the time to maintain it, and women see that as a sign that you're patient. At the office, the chinstrap is perceived as being confident, without being cocky. Enter a meeting with a chinstrap and suddenly you're the focus of attention, all eyes are on you, and you own the space. Little wonder then that some of the most awesome rockstars in the world sport this style!  

4.The round beard (French) says that you're a no-nonsense fella, with experience and wit to match

Many of us see the round beard as a more mature kind of style. Sported well however it shows that you have a no-nonsense attitude. You have no time for excuses. You're the kind of guy that grabs the bull by the balls, and makes any problem seem less daunting. To the ladies, the round beard signifies maturity and world wisdom. You've been around the block and you're the kind of man who knows what he wants, and will not try too hard to please. You are the kind of man who will take her out to dinner, and be a gentleman (something sorely lacking in the boys she's used to). So if you are thinking of doing something new to your beard, this might well be worth a try.  

5.The Van Dyke says that you're a man of refined tastes, and you don't have anything to prove

The Van Dyke, was the pride of European aristocracy. And it takes a lot of confidence to sport one. In terms of what it says about you. It says that you have refinement and taste. You have the means to sport a unique style and you don't conform to the established norms, instead you make your own rules. The ladies swoon over you, because you know how to treat them with respect and care, and are a thorough gentleman. In the workplace, this particular style is reserved for the alpha and as such you are a seasoned veteran who has nothing to prove to anyone, instead you are the one pulling the strings and giving directions.  

6.The handlebar stache says that you're not someone to be messed with

Handlebar moustaches are not for everyone. Unless of course you can pull off the serious, aggressive look that it gives you. Don't be surprised if in the workplace, you are the one people turn to in a time of crisis. It is the look that says that you don't take too kindly to idiots and eat problems for breakfast. Being the take charge kind of guy, in an inter-sex exchange, you are the one to make the first move and women WILL find you hard to resist. On a side note however, this isn't an easy look to pull off, and if you're thinking of growing your handlebar out, do ask your stylist, if it is the look for you.   So those were some of the most popular beard styles and the message they send across about the person sporting them. Do you agree with our list? Tell us what you think, your favourite styles and anything we may have missed, in the comments below.    
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