Beardo The Classic Wash (100ml)



  • Makes your beard clean
  • Helps in removing dryness
  • Provides deeper skin penetration
  • Apply directly and wash with water.
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Make every Beard Wash the ‘Classic ‘ Beard Wash!

The most important step in beard maintenance is washing so that it remains clean. Dust, pollen and skin irritants can cause your beard to dry out and become itchy. Beardo ‘The Classic’ Beard Wash is formulated with quality ingredients like linalool, lavender and rosemary to cleanse your beard and the skin below it, in order to keep it soft, manageable and thoroughly clean. This makes managing your crowning glory that much easier! Make Beardo ‘The Classic’ Beard Wash a part of your daily cleansing ritual and see the difference for yourself!

How is Beardo Classic Beard Wash Beneficial

With the elements of Lime this product provides that much needed strength your hair needs to fight against everyday infections. It acts as a medicine which helps combating against the dandruff and in improving the texture of hair. Along with providing the natural fragrance it makes your hair strong and removes all toxic elements present in it. Providing shiny hair, it is the perfect companion for your beard!

Beardo The Classic Wash washes your full beard perfectly.

Inside Out: Why So Effective?

  • Lime


    Helps to detoxify

    Fights infection

    Remedy for hair loss

  • Vanilla


    Promotes hair growth

    Removes harmful toxin

    Natural perfume

    Nourishes naturally

  • Nutmeg


    Improves hair texture

    Fights dandruff

    Fights hair loss

    Prevents hair fall

How to use?

  • Pour


    Pour some liquid out of the bottle. Just like you take a liquid soap to wash your face – take enough to cover your beard completely.

  • Spray


    Rub it across your hands properly to make a nice lather out of it to make sure every inch of every strand in your beard is washed properly.

  • Lather


    Lather your beard properly so that the hair is properly washed off from the dirt. It also moisturizes the hair so that it gets smoother for styling.

  • Wash


    Wash it off till every drop of liquid soap gets removed from the beard. Now you can style it the way you want to or leave it as it is.

Explore the Range of Products for Skin and Hair

    At Beardo, explore our products to choose the best Beard Regimen. Along with beard grooming, your hair also gets a good shine and maintains the health it needs. Moisturize properly with Beardo Argan Oil specially for enriching the roots of your beard hair and the pores of the skin. Gift grooming kits to your beard man. Beardo has the whole beard care package to provide for your beard love!

Use Beardo The Classic Wash removes dirt from your full beard.

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