The Ultimate Guide to Summer Proofing your beard

The brutal Indian summer is upon us. The mercury has begun rising northwards, and along with the heat, the dryness (in landlocked states), the humidity (in Mumbai and Chennai), and the dust (now that shit is universal), are all on the upswing. With that the modern bearded gentleman faces frizziness, itch, beard dryness and lifelessness of the beard and skin. So what does one do in order to summer proof their beard? Well here is the ultimate guide to care for, pamper and grow your beard, like a pro this Indian summer!

1. Persist with your beard.

via GIPHY Like a wise man once said,  If you ain't gonna chop your balls off when they itch, why let an itch make you shave your beard? Maintaining a beard in the summer is a more time consuming affair, but the benefits your man fuzz offers are reason enough to persist with it throughout the year.
  • Beards protect you from pathogens, act as a natural air filter
  • Protect your delicate facial skin from UV rays of the sun
  • Get you the eyeballs of the female populace
  • Make you look cool AF!
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2. Always wash, first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

via GIPHY The importance of using beard washes increases almost 10 fold in the summer. Especially twice a day, before leaving the home, so that your beard becomes more resilient against dust, dirt, grime and pollution; and after returning home, in order to clean and nourish your fuzz for having acted as your pathogen filter the entire f*%***g day! Kind of like saying, thank you bro, good job out there today! We have just the products your beard deserves

3. Oiling isn't just for machines.

via GIPHY The brutal summer sun can seriously debilitate everything around you. Hell! Even trees seem to just wither away imagine what overexposure to it can do to your beard! Oiling your beard does more than just make it shiny. It helps retain the moisture that your hair follicles so desperately need, especially in the more arid heat of the North. Oiling your beard also forms a protective film around it, helping reflect the dust and pollution away from the hair follicles. For serious beard protection click here.�

4. Balm it up to keep it soft

via GIPHY Washing and oiling will keep your beard clean and nourished, but what you truly need to keep your beard in fine form, manageable and lustrous is a beard balm. Choose a balm with natural ingredients like shea butter, Almond oil and Vitamin E in order to nullify the effects of the heat and of course to keep it soft and frizz free. For soft touchable beards look no further. Just get it here.�

5. Water is a friend drink plenty of it

via GIPHY Just like your vital functions like circulation and heart health depend on water consumption, your beard's health too depends on the amount of water you consume. Water keeps your system cool, prevents heat stroke and also boosts your cells ability to regenerate and help grow your hair follicles. So instead of that cold fizzy drink, go in for some H2O or coconut water your beard will thank you for it!! You just keep drinking water and let us take care of the beard. Buy Here!� The summer can be a nasty time for your man fuzz, so actually tending to it can keep it that much more presentable, soft and good looking. With these 5 steps, summer proofing your beard is as simple as 1-2-3!
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