The Ultimate DIY Beard Care Kit

  Having a beard and not tending to its needs is one of the lamest things to do. That's like owning an unframed painting by Picasso or not maintaining a vintage classic car. Just like these status symbols, your beard too, is a symbol of who you are and what you're all about. And just like you care so passionately of your heirlooms and toys, your beard too, deserves some TLC, don't you think? So we bring to you a surprisingly easy way to give your beard the best care there is, with the ultimate DIY beard kit. So without further ado, read on.

The Basics

We have already stressed on the importance of caring for your beard. Now here are the basics, you need a cleansing, moisturising and styling routine that you follow on a daily basis in order to make your beard look and feel amazing. Before we go about revealing the must have products in your beard kit, le's establish some basic do's and don'ts   DO's
  • Always wash your beard with lukewarm or room temperature water
  • Use a beard wash to wash your beard, soap tends to dry out the skin
  • Make sure you use beard oil on a dry, well washed beard
  • Always dry your beard by dabbing it with a soft, cotton towel, and if need be using a blow drier on a low setting
  • Keep a beard comb handy to style your beard and also to weed out split ends
  • Ever stroke your beard too much or let anyone fidget with it
  • Use hot or cold water to wash your hair
  • Use a hair dryer on high settings to dry your hair
  • Use beard oil or wax on a wet beard

Let's talk cleansing

Cleansing is an important part of your beard maintenance ritual. Soap as we have said time and time again does your delicate facial skin and hair, absolutely no favours. For cleansing your beard thoroughly therefore you need a specialised product. Look no further than the Beardo range of beard washes. Available in four variations (The Classic, The Black Velvette, The Irish Royale and The Old Fashioned) these gentle cleansers are excellent at getting the dirt and grime out of the beard and making the beard softer and ready to be styled.

Moisturisation is your friend

Moisturising your beard is the next step in getting it ready for the process of styling it. Moisture is a prerequisite for both a healthy as well as a well styled beard. Moisturisation can only truly be achieved with a good quality beard oil. What a beard oil does, is that it forms a defensive sheath around the hair follicles and ensures that dust and grime doesn't settle on it and dries it out. And you already know that the best product out there for this job is ours. Our beard oil range too is available in four variants (The Classic, The Black Velvette, The Irish Royale and The Old Fashioned). For those who may prefer a lighter texture in their moisturising agent you could try our lite oil (Beardo Lite Oil). And for those special occasions, when you need the absolute best, well we have the Godfather of them all to (Beardo The Godfather Beard Oil). With so much variety, you have no excuse to NOT moisturise!

Step out in style

Now that you're done, cleansing and moisturising your beard, the final and probably most fun thing is styling it. The most important thing when it comes to styling your beard is the hold. You can either go the polished way or the firm hold way. For this we have two options for you to choose from. The Beardo Beard Balm, is more for shine and soft hold, while the Beardo Hair Wax - Strong Hold is for a more long lasting and durable hold. Don't forget that after applying the wax or balm, it is important to ensure that you spread it evenly, and here's where our premium wooden combs really come in handy. Available in two variants (Shisham and Neem), these ought to be an important part of your DIY beard care and styling kit!   Maintaining a beard that's as distinctive as that of Zeus himself is not rocket science and with this easy DIY beard kit, there's no reason you can't or shouldn't. Until next time, stay cool, stay stylish and well groomed!
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