The top 7 ways in which you're probably DESTROYING your beard

For a man, nothing is more devastating than the loss of his beard. After all a beard is what defines our face, gives us the rugged look that we crave and is by any stretch of the imagination the ultimate facial accessory. Sometimes we take for granted that which we have, and our beards bear the brunt of our callousness. Here are 10 way in which you're destroying your beard, mind you, some of them are quite silly and avoidable.

You wash it with cold water and soap:

We understand that it is difficult to wake up in the morning and follow a well thought out routine. But it is what you need to be doing. Soap and water are the two main reason for brittleness and breakage of beard hair, simply because they are not designed for it, and end up drying up the hair.

You do not oil it:

Washing, cleansing and moisturising are the foundation of a healthy beard maintenance routine. If you forget to do one, you might as well not even bother growing a beard. So however inconvenient it may seem, if you want a great beard, you're going to have to nurture it, and that means oiling it too!

You let others stroke it:

If you had a Ferrari, would you let anyone drive it, however they liked? If your answer to that is a HELL NO; then the same logic applies for a beard. Letting people play with or stroke your beard is an open invitation to the destruction of your man fuzz. The oil and grime from their hands will do it, if nothing else does!

You take grooming advice from a barber:

Taking grooming advice from your barber is like getting an open heart surgery from a butcher! Indian barbers in particular have little or no experience in the science of beard maintenance. They've only ever been trained to shave MAN! Wake up, and start doing a little reading on the internet about beard grooming. We don't just say, with a great beard comes great responsibility we mean it!

You don't consume enough protein:

The old maxim of you're what you eat comes into play. Keratin, the protein responsible for hair growth cannot be naturally synthesized and you need to be consuming protein rich foods like egg whites, milk, leafy veggies, cinnamon and others in order to give yourself a boost in the hair and beard production department! So drop that burger and head to the healthy foods section!

Your bath water is either too hot or too cold:

It is a scientifically proven fact that hair and skin is best washed with lukewarm (a mixture of hot and cold water) water. Yet we commit the cardinal sin of washing our beards with water that is either boiling hot or ice cold. The quality of regular tap water is highly questionable and applying it directly to the skin can have long term adverse effects. So the next time you wash your face or even take a bath, make sure the water doesn't burn or freeze your skin!

You don't use a good face wash:

So you use a beard wash, and your beard is freaking clean! But what about the rest of your face? Using a good quality face wash is equally important as it directly affects your pH balance, which in turn affects your facial skin's ability to grow a beard!   So now that you know what you're doing wrong, remember to change your ways. A great beard depends on how you care for it! So don't be careless and complain that Mother Nature is being unfair!!
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