Top 5 beard washing mistakes to avoid

  Washing your beard is the cornerstone of a good beard maintaining regimen. In fact if you haven't been washing your beard, you probably don't deserve to have one. Beard washing helps keep your beard clean, and more than that acts as a great base from where you can build your grooming regimen. So here are 5 rookie beard washing mistakes you should be avoiding.  
  1. Water Temperature either too hot or too cold

via GIPHY Extreme heat and extreme cold have one thing in common, they tend to dry your skin and hair, leaving it lifeless and prone to acne. So here�s the basics, use room temperature or lukewarm water to wash your beard. This ensures that the oil producing sebaceous glands are activated and not left to wilt away. Lukewarm water is best because it gets rid of most of the skin irritants and tends to cleanse better than cold water.  
  1. Using soap.

via GIPHY   If at this point you still insist on using bath soap on your delicate facial skin, you probably are better off shaving your hard grown beard. Using a soap on your skin is like exfoliating with cactus, because the harsh chemicals in the soap do your facial hair and scalp no favours. Switch to a beard wash that is formulated especially for the skin under the beard and gets rid of the day's dirt and grime without compromising on the delicate pH balance of the facial hair and skin.  
  1. Not washing immediately after waking up

  Washing our face after waking up is one of the habits we have grown up with and with good reason too! It is considered to be unhygienic to step outside the home. Washing your beard first thing in the morning is of vital importance especially if you're using products like a beard growth oil, simply because it is has done its work overnight and overexposure can lead to oiliness of the skin, which is never a good thing.  
  1. Washing carelessly

Washing your beard is important, but the speed and technique you use are equally important too. Moistening the beard with room temperature or lukewarm water, is the first step. Applying the beard wash follows. Make sure you work up a lather and really massage the product into your beard and facial skin for the best results. Wash thoroughly and patiently, at least twice, to get rid of all the excess beard wash.  
  1. Properly drying your beard.

via GIPHY Moisture is a critical element in the growth of your beard, but too much moisture is not just undesirable, it is just plain unsanitary. So once you're done washing your beard thoroughly, use a soft cotton towel to wipe off the excess moisture. Once the top layer of your beard is dry and moisture free, it is advisable to use a hair dryer to gently dry your beard thoroughly as well. There you have it, the 5 simple rookie mistakes you should be avoiding when washing your beard. If you have any more tips and tricks that aid in better beard hygiene, hit us up on social media or feel free to leave a comment in the space below. As always, until next time, stay cool, stay groomed, stay stylish! 
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