Beardo Sheesham Wooden Comb

Beardo Sheesham Wooden Comb







Untangles knots gently

Prevents hair breakage

Massages scalp, increases blood flow

Spreads natural sebum evenly


Comb All Your Worries Away with Beardo Shisham Wooden Comb!

Shisham wood also known as the Indian Redwood, is especially good for skin and hair. Beardo Shisham Wooden Comb is the perfect tool to complete your daily grooming regimen! This wooden comb helps evenly spread the natural hair sebum produced on your scalp; thus promoting healthy hair growth!

Beardo Shisham Wooden Comb is the best comb for men’s hair.

Hair & Beard Styling Comb for the Beardo Man

Beardo Shisham Wooden comb cleans, untangles, massages, and styles your hair! Using cosmetic products on your hair such as shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, etc. can damage the hair over time. These products contain many chemicals. To combat damage and keep styling your luscious locks, use Beardo’s specially crafted shisham hair comb to style and protect your hair!

Comb your hair from front to back with the Beardo Shisham Wooden Comb.

Hair Brush

Hair Brushes spreads the sebum produced by your scalp evenly to the tips of the hair, so it all gets moisturized. Additionally, experts recommend combing your hair before you brush them to prevent breakage. Use Beardo Shisham Comb before you brush your hair to make sure that they are taken care of every day!

Hair Comb

Hair combs are easy to use and are mainly used to untangle knots that have formed while your hair was dry. The Beardo Shisham Wooden Comb is also an excellent massager and helps spread even the blood flow in your scalp. Use the Beardo Shisham Comb on your hair to style it any way you want.

Groom to Impress with Beardo Shisham Wooden Comb

Haircare for men is an extra part of their morning routine. Most men neglect their hair and don’t comb it properly because they don’t know how to. It’s not your fault! To help you treat your hair the way it deserves to, Beardo brings you a range of natural combs such as the Beardo Compact Shisham Wooden Comb for your on-the-go style! Styling and nourishment taken care of - in one stroke!

With the right tools and the right hair grooming products for men,you won’t ever have to worry about not being able to groom your hair again. We’ve got your back!

Use the Beardo Shisham Wooden Comb for natural care.



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