This year, standout to be a true Beardo.

It is forecasted that 2019 is the year of unabashed, unapologetic and the badass Beardos. Be it royal Rajputana beard carried by Shahid Kapoor, curvy mustache by a roaring Ranveer Singh, gentle and mushy short bearded Ayushman Khurrana or the ever-blazing Virat Kohli. All these beardilicious men have reinforced our love for beards and set the trend for this year. This year Beardo aims to resolute our fellow bros to give some TLC to their beloved beards and get their iconic look with ease.

A true-blue Beardo goes to the root of the issues and enables a healthy kickstart. The first step to get a great beard is maintain hygiene. Dust, pollution and lack of time makes it difficult to keep that scruff clean, but just following a simple regime to use Beardo’s Beard Wash everyday can keep your beard squeaky clean.

After hygiene comes nourishment as it is very important to nurture your mane to get an even and healthy growth. Since everyone cannot afford an army of stylists and support staff like our icons, Beardo has come up with an ultimate Beard Growth oil that moisturizes and nourishes your beard thoroughly so you never have to face itchy or flaky beard. Beardo even has an array combos which have been carefully created to provide you with simple routine to give that extra care to your beard and skin. It’s easy to outshine with flashy exteriors but it takes a lil effort and care to standout and be a true Beardo.

Until we meet again…Happy 2019, Beardo out!

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