The Ultimate Guide to beard styles

Not every beard is created alike. While some face cuts and personalities may be able to pull off a certain beard style, others may just make them look ungainly and awkward. While growing a beard is the right of every man, styling it such that it complements his face and attitude, is every man's responsibility. That being said, most of us beard bros are actually quite ignorant about which style of man fuzz would best suit our face. So we at Beardo thought that it would be a good idea to give you a blow by blow account of the best type of beard for your face and personality. So before ado is furthered in any way, this is the ultimate guide to beard styles.

The Full Beard a.k.a what every celeb worth his salt is sporting

full beard Looks best on: Angular and round faces The full beard is definitely the hottest beard style on right now. Hipsters have always sported these as ironic style statements. The full beard mind you is one of the most difficult to maintain, because while it seems like a breeze, it isn't. Regular maintenance is the #1 demand of a full beard, and washing, oiling, conditioning and trimming are all part and parcel of this routine. Buy some beard love here

The Tight Beard, a.k.a the well groomed full beard

tightbeard Looks best on: Angular and lean faces People who want to sport a full beard but are in jobs that may frown upon the same, could look at the tight beard. The tight beard gets its name from the fact that while it is a full beard, it is trimmed in close, giving the wearer a tighter, more professional look. Just like the full beard though, oiling, washing and conditioning is a must with a tight beard. If anything more so with a tight beard, else it starts to look sloppy and untended, which in itself is a definite no-no. Buy some beard love here

The Circle Beard, a.k.a the French Beard

circlebeard Looks best on: Heavier, rounder faces. The circle beard is a combination of a goatee and a moustache, accompanied by a soul patch beneath the lip. People with a more or less round face pull off this look best as it draws attention away from their heavier cheeks and gives their jaw a more focused, near pointed definition. There are several variations of the circle beard, including the Van Dyke and the Biker French (a more unkempt, thicker French beard, sported by bikers). Another plus of the circle beard is that it isn't frowned upon in the professional environment, in fact several noted businessman sport one! Buy some beard love here

The Chinstrap a.k.a The Middle Eastern Prince or The Helmet strap

Sideburn-chin-strap-beard Looks best on: Leaner, more angular faces The chinstrap is a tamed, more stylised version of the full beard. The thickness of the strap varies, but the common factor is that the line, from the sideburns to the beard is constant and unbroken. Well maintained chinstraps are extremely trendy and are sported by celebrities, with great aplomb. Christian Bale for instance sported one for a brief while in the Batman movies, Chris Pike is another one who carries off a chinstrap really well. The chinstrap mind you is a high maintenance look, as every week you will need to trim and groom the beard in order to help retain the shape. A sloppy chinstrap can look particularly bad and if you aren't willing to maintain one, it is advisable you do not attempt it. Buy some beard love here

The five oclock shadow a.k.a Perma stubble

5oclockshadow Looks best on: Leaner faces A look known to make women weak in the knees, the five oclock shadow is a hard-to-get-right look, that needs precision trimming in order to achieve. Depending on your hair growth, let your hair grow for a few days and then using the lowest visible trim setting, use it to give yourself a trim. Always ensure that the shadow appears uniform, as there is nothing more off-putting that an uneven shadow. Buy some beard love here

The Greek God a.k.a the Epic beard

epic beard Looks good on: Greek Gods and everyone in between This is the ultimate possible beard, the beard that both Odin and Zeus would covet, albeit with a hint of maintenance. Think of this beard as the ultimate act of defiance and a style statement all at once. This beard isn't for the impatient, as it could take a few months (depending on your hair growth rate) to almost a year to grow. Once you reach this pinnacle of beard perfection though, regular care and maintenance is a must. A daily routine of washing, oiling and conditioning will give you the beard that immortals would be proud of. Buy some beard love here Now that you know the styles of beards, you also know that they all, irrespective of their thickness and volume, need regular care and maintenance. In order to help you have your ideal beard, shop here for the fabulous range of Beardo Beard Oils and Washes.  
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