The Side Effects of Beard Oils

It’s a new day. You’ve started to grow a beard. (Cheers to that!) But then you meet your friend, who’s been using a beard oil, and his beard has turned into a rainbow of colors! Now you’re doubting whether to use one yourself.

So, here’s something you should do. Go to his place and have a look at his shelf. Surely, you’re not going to find Beardo products there. But let’s not point fingers.

We don’t know about the others, but with Beardo, we make safety our priority.

Perhaps this could give you some insight:

With a wide range of oils, there’s a lot to choose from at

We have oils made from Almond oil, Lime, Vanilla, Nutmeg, Aloe Vera extract and several other natural resources. But wait, there’s more… We even have an oil with gold in it! You can check out the limited edition 22K Gold Beard Oil HERE.

We take immense precaution to ensure the safety of our oils and never… never compromise on quality! Our products have natural ingredients that ensure a safe and healthy lifestyle.

Long story short, our oils have been tested and no side effects have been noted. It is still always recommended that you conduct a skin sensitivity test first.

So the next time you pick up a Beardo product, you can be rest assured that you’ve got nothing to worry about.

So you really don’t have anything to worry about. The only side effect you’re going to probably end up experiencing, is looking like a total boss!

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