The one thing in your morning routine you don't need

Okay, so here’s what your morning routine probably looks like:

You wake up in the morning, wash your face, brush your teeth, shave... BORINGGGG!!!

Shave… I mean that’s basically homicide.

Like are you trying to torture yourself? I mean if that’s the case, why you don’t you also chop off

your ear while you’re at it?

Okay, take a minute and think about this. You’re walking down the road and the morning light is

shining on your face. The eyes of every woman are following you… hold up a second, that can’t be

you! That’s a Beardo, and you’re not one, YET!

Face it, your beard is like your personality and walking around without a personality, is never gonna

get you the respect that a beard commands. It’s basically the best a man can get.

Oh wait, doesn’t some other company say that? Is it Millet? No no, Skillet? Urgh, never mind. It’s just

baloney anyway.

On the other hand, the Beardo people (the cool ones, yes), who care about you and your self-

esteem, want you to feel like a boss 24/7.

How do you we make that happen? It’s quite simple really, and it boils down to just one action.


Every time you face a problem and think to yourself “why me?” it’s probably cause you have that

little piece of garbage lying around.

So just dump the firkin razor and dump your shy, measly self-image with it. Because a Beardo is

made for bigger things, and it’s time you stop letting the small stuff get in the way.

It’s time to make a move on already, a gorgeous beard and awesome mornings await you!

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