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Emojis have become a part and parcel of the way we communicate with each other. They are in our opinion as important to modern language as punctuation (probably more used even!) Emojis have become so integral to self expression that they are often sent solo on texts where we don't have the words to express our sentiments! Emojis have evolved so thoroughly that even the ubiquitous thumbs up sign can now be sent in a number of colours, becoming sensitive towards a person's race. This same kind of sensitivity though hasn't been shown towards the beard. Don't believe us? Try finding a single bearded emoji in the menu of Whatsapp, BBM, or Apple messenger, the only one available is the festive Saint Nick, and that's just not fair! We think that beards are awesome, in fact they are now an integral part of the cultural and social landscape. Why then is there discrimination meted out to beards when it comes to emojis! We at Beardo decided to put an end to this, by appealing to Unicode (the world standard in fonts and emojis), and leading smartphone OS like Apple, Windows, Android and Blackberry to release and adopt a beard emoji, so that all us bearded folk can express the way we feel with a beard emoji! Show your support to our cause by signing our petition on and giving our beloved emojis a much needed beard! After all #EmojisNeedBeards too! beardemoji2                                         [perch_button url="" target="blank" style="3d" background="#ef2d37" size="5"]Sign The Petition[/perch_button]
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