Sun Is Out, Skin Is In

Gentlemen, summer is upon us! That means sun, sand, hot nights and cold ones. Oh and to top it all off, you have girls in their summer clothes! You’re all caught up in straps with frills, lace and flowers, aren’t you? Snap out of it! Well, try at least.

So the women are bringing their A games. But are you doing all you can to match their moves? Before you say yes, shirtless selfies, oversized shades and sideways baseball caps might say summer, but they don’t really read sexy. And besides, you can do better. Way better. How?

You’ve gotta get smooth. No, we’re not talking practicing your pick up lines in the mirror (and don’t act like you’ve never done that. We know you). See, we know you’ve got that bit down. We’re talking LITERALLY. You need to look and feel smooth to the touch. That means no greasy or dry skin, and no dark spots.

You could show up dressed suave as all hell, but if the face ain’t looking fire, she’s not going to be feeling the heat. The solution? Protection. Always protection.

While the hot summer sun only seems to bring out good things, it actually doesn’t do much for your skin. Beardo to the rescue yet again. The Ultraglow sunscreen with SPF 30 will not only keep your skin protected and hydrated, but also help lighten dark spots and even out your skin tone. So when you walk into that party with that natural glow, you’ll be doing summer right and it will show!

You’re welcome.

Beardo out.

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