Beardo Night Care Combo for Men
Beardo Night Care Combo for Men
Beardo Night Care Combo for Men
Beardo Night Care Combo for Men

Beardo Night Care Combo for Men







Includes: Vitamin C, Lip Lightener & De-Tan Face Gel

Clarifies the skin and retains its glow

Reduces under eye dark circles & puffy eyes

Retains the natural tone of the lips


Wake up with a renewed skin

Our busy lives do not give us enough time to maintain a proper skin during the day and hence this results in piling up of several skin issues. Add our unhealthy lifestyles to it which ruins our skin all the more. To give you a respite from your daily conundrum, Beardo has come up with a Night Care Combo that helps you treat your skin in the peace of night. Beardo Night Care Combo includes Beardo Vitamin C serum that helps in fading away acne marks and blemishes, Beardo De-Tan Face Gel that lightens the dark circles & soothes puffy and tired eyes and last but not the least Beardo Lip Lightener that retains the natural tone of your lips and makes them supple and smooth. Follow this night care regime daily to get a clear and healthy skin each passing day with a regular use. So get Beardo's Night Care Combo and wake up with a clear glow!

Vitamin C

Apply Vitamin C

Apply the serum on your face. Make sure to get all important parts like the sides of the nose, and below the chin where oil usually accumulates.

Lip Lightener

Apply Lip Lightener

After exfoliating the lips, take some lip cream onto your fingers & gently massage using your fingertips.

De-Tan Face Gel

Apply De-Tan Face Gel

Spread the gel all over the face evenly & Massage it gently in a circular motion

Can I use this combo at day time?
Of course! You can use it at your convenient time

Can these products be bought separately?
Yes, these products are available separately also.

Will this combo make me fairer?
Using this combo regularly will help you to fight your skin issues and retain your skins natural tone.

I have an oily skin, can I use this combo?
Our products are formulated to suit all kinds of skin types so it is perfectly alright to use on your oily skin.



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