Beardo Hair Fall Control Shampoo for Men

  • Stimulates hair follicles
  • Ensures your scalp is healthy
  • Enriched with natural nutrients
  • Prevents hair fall quickly with no damage
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Don’t Lose Any More Hair with Beardo Hair fall Control Shampoo!

With rising levels of pollution in India, men’s hair health is in jeopardy. Hair fall is quickly becoming a common concern among men. Our hair fall control shampoo is a one-of-its-kind natural hair fall treatment. Loaded with hair-healthy nutrients and natural ingredients, it quickly revitalizes the hair growth on your scalp. Regain your confidence and take charge of your own destiny! What do we say to the God of baldness? Not today!

Best Shampoo for Hair Fall in India

India is a developing country, and one thing developing nations have in common is pollution. All this pollution is hell on hair, especially for men as they not the best at taking care of their hair. But, that does not mean that it is immune to damage from the harmful elements such as dirt, humidity, pollution, smoke, etc.
Keeping men in mind, Beardo has created the best shampoo for hair growth in India. Imbued with powerful natural ingredients, this shampoo attacks hair-fall from several angles.

Beardo Hair Fall Control Shampoo for men.

Inside Out: Why So Effective?

  • Brahmi Extract

    Brahmi Extract

    Provides cooling effect

    Removes antioxidants.

    Stimulates new cells.

    Fights against split ends.

  • Peppermint Oil

    Peppermint Oil

    Pleasing fragrance

    Works as an anesthetic

    A great insecticide

    Refreshing fragrance

  • Camphor Oil

    Camphor Oil

    Fights against bacteria

    Helps in killing lice

    Lessens hair fall

    Stimulates new hair

  • Lemongrass Oil

    Lemongrass Oil

    Healthy source of vitamins

    Provides aromatic therapy

    A natural deodorant

    Best for an oily scalp

Take Care of Your Hair with Beardo!

Combining the best of several essential oils in one product, Beardo Hairfall Control Shampoo for Men has often been called the best shampoo for dry hair. In combination with the Beardo Hair Serum, there is no chance your hair fall problem won’t see a significant change! Beardo offers a wide range of beard and hair groomingproducts for men that take care of a men’s beard styling and haircare needs comprehensively!

Beardo’s Hair Fall Control Shampoo is rich in natural oils.

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