Say no to dark circles!

Say no to dark circles!

The long hours in front of computer screens, lack of proper sleep, all-nighter parties and improper diet are all the factors that lead to under eye dark circles and puffy eye bags. They don’t just make you look tired but also aged and shady at times (literally shady haha!). These Panda-eyes are often stubborn and take a long time to go. But fret not, Beardo has brought you an all new Under Eye Gel for men that lightens dark circles, reduces puffy eyes and prevents fine lines and wrinkles. 

There ain’t one but many reasons why you’ve got Panda-like eyes 

Over-worked eyes

Binge-watching Netflix, work stress and lack of sleep can tire your eyes and brain alike. Beardo’s Under Eye Gel contains Chamomile extracts that soothes the area around the eyes and helps the skin relax.

Dryness and lack of care

Improper diet and less water intake can cause poor blood circulation and dryness, this might also be a reason behind under eye circles, Aloe Vera extracts in the under eyegel hydrates the under eye area and heals the skin retaining its natural tone with regular use.

Environmental factors and pollution

With immense pollution and harsh weather conditions, the delicate skin under the eye gets affected easily and thereby the signs of ageing like fine line and wrinkles appear around the eyes first. Beardo’s Under Eye Gel contains Carrot seed oil that prevents the first signs of ageing and make your eyes look brighter with regular use.

How to get rid of under eye dark circles and puffy eyes

Just cleanse your face and apply the Beardo’s Under Eye Gel on the area under the eyes and wash it water after 10 minutes, for better results leave it overnight and wash it. Include this ritual in your daily regime and see the difference with regular use.

Of course, we cannot just rely on external measure only. Beardo recommends that one must also improve his diet, eating at regular intervals and increasing water consumption throughout the day.

Until then,

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