Beardo The Classic Beard Oil



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Product Description

For those who take pride in their appearance, beard grooming is of vital importance. Formulated with the power ingredients like nutmeg, vanilla and lemon oil, the Beardo ‘The Classic’ Beard Oil is meant for those who crave softness and sheen in their beards. Applied just before leaving the home, Beardo ‘The Classic’ Beard Oil will protect your beard and give you the confidence in your appearance that you crave and deserve.

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10ml, 30ml, 50 ml


Vanilla, Lime, Nutmeg

Directions For Use

As with any skincare product it is recommended that you conduct a skin sensitivity test. Apply a few drops of Beardo The Classic Beard Oil onto your wrist. If there are no signs of skin sensitivity, like redness or dryness and scaly skin, continue to use concentrated. Else mix with room temperature water and continue using as normal., Splash your palm with a few drops of Beardo The Classic Beard Oil and apply liberally into your beard and skin.

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