Beardo The Classic Beard and Hair Fragrance Oil



  • Perfect For Combination Skin Type
  • Gives a Non-itchy Fresh Beard All Day
  • Nourishes Your Beard
  • Makes Beard Soft & Touchable


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Tame Your Wild Beard with Beardo

Beards… Beards… They can make or break your confidence, can’t they? Imagine: If all men around you have bulky, stylish beards, shaped to perfection, while you struggle to own a decent one on your face. It's like being single on prom night! You feel left out and miserable. Don’t worry Beardo, as we have all your beard grooming needs covered. Beardo The Classic Beard Oil is perfect for men to nourish, soften and smoothen their beards, and giving it the perfect sheen for a glorious facial mane. 

In a way, one of the best beard oil in India tames your wild beard, making it sober and sustainable all day long. 

Remain A Classic with Beardo

Beards, when not nourished can look frizzy, scraggly and wild. In order to achieve a look that is easy and impressive at the same time, use Beardo The Classic Beard Oil. Formulated with super ingredients like nutmeg, vanilla and lemon oil, the Beardo The Classic Beard Oil is meant for those who crave softness and sheen in their beards. Use it before you step out and this beardo growth oil will protect your beard and give you the confidence that you crave and deserve.

Beardo BeardThe Classic Beard Oil helps in owning a perfect beard

Inside Out: Why So Effective?

  • Lemon Oil

    Lemon Oil

    Reduces greasy hair

    Cleanses skin

    Prevents itchiness

    Overall nourishment of skin & hair

  • Vanilla


    Soothes skin inflammation

    Induces pleasant fragrance

    Reduces split-ends

    Renders healthy shine

  • Nutmeg


    Fades blemishes

    Soothes skin

    Soothes skin

    Promotes healthy skin and hair

How to use?

  • Pour


    Pour a few drops of Beardo The Classic Beard Oil on your palm and apply it liberally on your beard and skin.

  • Rub In

    Rub In

    Massage it gently to rub it into the skin and hair for deep nourishment, and soft and smooth touch.

  • Untangle


    Easily untangle your beard and make it frizz-free. Beardo The Classic Beard Oil can be used just before stepping out of the house

  • Style


    Now that your hair is soft and smooth, you can style it the way you like it without encountering any troubles.

For the Proud and Classic Beardos

Owning a glorious facial mane, and perfectly styled beard is a matter of pride for men. It’s like an asset, tough to let go! In order to own it and possess it with pride, you need to use the right products. Beardo does it right by offering a comprehensive range of men’s grooming products that will address every grooming and styling need that you have! Combine Beardo The Classic Beard Oil, one of the best beard oils with Beardo Shaping Tool and Beardo Compact Wooden Sheesham Comb for a clean and chiseled beard look!

A one-stop shop for men, Beardo is winning hearts and styling hair for men who wish to look desirable - professionally as well as socially! 

What does a beard oil do and how to use Beardo The Classic Beard Oil

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