Moochein ho toh Papa jaisi ho, warna na ho!

Almost every post on moustaches and manliness begins with the Sharaabi dialogue, moochein ho toh Nathulal jaisi ho, warna na ho! But mea culpa, there needs to be a change. And this being the day of all days to celebrate the manliest of men in all of creation, i.e. your daddy, I propose a revision to it, Moochein ho toh papa jaisi ho, warna na ho! If you're out there scratching your beards in wonder and thinking really hard about what I've just said, I have a few points to present in order to make my case. So without further ado, here they are.

Dad's are superheroes and every superhero needs a calling card:

funny family father and child daughter with a mustache Superman has that ridiculous S on his chest, He-Man a cross. Hell! Even Green Arrow, dresses like a weird green ballerina. Your dad's calling card however has to be (if you're Indian) his moustache. While most dads were never too big on accessories, they'd almost always have that little comb on them to keep their stache looking in order. I know my dad did, and somewhere you know your's did too! Gifts For Dad

Dads were the original hipsters:

embarrassingxmasdad-feture.png As a generation, we are still finding our identities with No Shave November and other gimmicks designed to return some manliness to our near effeminate selves (remember the early 2000s and the Metrosexua  fad?) Our dads on the other hand grew their moustaches in an era, where manliness was defined in their actions and not simple gestures. Hell they lived in a time when there was no liberalisation and the only jobs on offer were Sarkari or private company mein. But while many people went to office day in and day out and conformed to their drone like existence, your dad's moustache was a constant reminder (to all around, mind you) that he was his own man. If that ain.t hipster, nothing is! Gifts For Dad

Daddy's pecks of affection always made you giggle:

A young dad kissing a baby tenderly Well all of us have pictures of us as babies cradled in our dads warm embrace. I remember being little and squealing in delight when my dad would peck my cheek. His full moustache tickling me and making me giggle like no other! Not even The Kapil Sharma Show or Last Week Tonight, with John Oliver would make me crack up like that! So among other things my dad's (and your's) moustache was a delightful tickle buddy! Gifts For Dad

Him twirling his moustache with pride was validation of a job well done:

Remember the time you got home that glimmering trophy, or sterling report card, and dad was over the moon! Well the simple gesture of twirling his moustache was like a pat on the back and that little action was way more fulfilling than any scholarship or even a Bharat Sarkar ki aur se felicitation! Well it's father's day and it is time to acknowledge each and every one of his stache twirls, pretty sure they mark something significant in your life, I know they do in mine. Gifts For Dad

Fashion may have changed, his stache always endured:

If you've ever pored over photographs of your dad in his younger days, I'm sure you've come across pics of him in bell bottoms, flared open collared shirts, and even safari suits. One thing that has stood the test of time however is his awesome stache. Sure time may have faded its sheen a bit, maybe it's more salt and pepper now, but for the love of God! It still looks amazing on him. Know what they say right, Fashion changes, style, now that's timeless! Gifts For Dad   I don't think we need more reasons to celebrate staches, we definitely don't need a reason to celebrate fathers. So this year how about we celebrate, Moustached Father's Day. and instead of that tie, or cufflinks or even that thoughtful gift card you got him, you get him something he'll always treasure (so will his stache!) From all of us at Beardo, here's wishing your dad, and all dads a very Happy Father's Day!
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