It’s time to hit the Neem regime

Monsoon is here! Finally there’s respite from the scorching sun, but soon we realize that there isn’t time to sit back and relax as we have to gear up for numerous pot-holes and puddles in the coming season. Apart from that, rainy season comes with its own set of skin issues such as oily skin, pimples and other skin reactions. Beardo has come up with a special Beardo Acne Control Combo which is a boon for all the men with acne prone skin.

Deep cleanse your skin with Beardo Acne Control Combo

Beardo Acne Control Combo Combo for men includes Beardo Neem Facewash and Beardo Neem Scrub. A complete skincare solution for oily and pimple prone skin with the goodness of Neem. Made using active ingredients like Neem extract, Almond Oil, Aloe Vera extract and Walnut shell powder, Beardo Acne Control Combo is ideal for men of all skin types and can be used in any season.

Wash away the dirt and oiliness

Beardo Neem Facewash  contains Aloe Vera, castor oil and menthol which not only cleanses dirt and removes excess oil but also soothes irritated skin without making it dry. Using this face wash regularly will improve your skin and give you a healthy glow.

Scrub your skin towards clarity

Men have a different skin texture than women and produce more oil, it can be a nightmare for acne prone skin if a proper skincare regime isn’t followed. Beardo Neem Scrub is ideal for men’s skin, as it removes dead cells gently and also helps in healing acne and rejuvenating the skin. Following Beardo’s Neem Care regime will help you get a clearer and problem-free skin.

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