How to lighten men’s dark smoker lips?

We all know that “Smoking is injurious to health” but what we don’t know is that smoking may affect your appearance adversely too! Yes, smoking not only darkens your lips, but also contains harmful carcinogens that harm you in several ways. Darkening of men’s lips due to smoking is the most common effects of smoking. Due to tar, heat and other chemicals, the capillaries in your lips ruptures and the lips begin to darken due to heat and lack of oxygen. In the long run, lips not just become dark but also get cracked and in some cases even bleed.

Dear smokers, make your lips great again!

There are several advices and remedies from our peers and even internet which guarantee to treat dark lips due to smoking, and we’re sure that some of you might have even tried some but didn’t find any of them effective. While kicking the butt is the best remedy but not everyone can do that easily therefore your grooming buddy Beardo, has introduced Lip Lightener. Made using natural ingredients like Shea butter, Sweet Almond oil, Mango butter and an added nourishment from Vitamin A, C, E; this lip balm will not only help you to restore the natural colour your lips but also heal them and keep them well moisturized.

How can Beardo help in lightening your dark lips?

In order to treat dark lips faster, Beardo recommends to exfoliate the lips with Beardo Charcoal Scrub using a toothbrush gently to remove the dead cells. This will make the lips softer and allow the Lip Lightener to be absorbed better. Then apply the lip lightener and leave it overnight to see the best results. Follow this regime daily to get smooth, luscious and kissable lips back again!

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