How to KEEP the Girl

So you got the girl that everyone wants a piece of. Good one, mate! But now you feel like you’re in over your head. Those lovey-dovey good morning texts aren’t going to hold her interest for too long. So what is?

You know getting her was the easy part. Now you’re wondering what you’re going to do to keep her.

For a while you thought falling into a routine was good and that she seemed happy. And then it struck you like a bolt of lightning- you need to Wake The F*** Up and smell the caffeine! Your lady, yes the same one who does her best to get you going every morning- she can’t live on a different combination of the same TV series, same take-out food and the same moves in bed forever. And for that matter, neither can you!

So stop with the scheduling and get with the spontaneity! Never mind the Thai food, do Thailand instead. Get that blood rushing- forget buying her dinner, make her dessert. If you know what we’re saying! *wink wink*

Now you’re probably thinking you’re on top of your game. But do you look on top of your game? You need to refresh your approach. Ask any good salesman- if you don’t look good, she ain’t gonna be buying what you’re selling! Heck, not even your mom will buy what you’re selling.

You’ve got to look good for her the way she does for you. You’re thinking about that sexy little number she wore last weekend, aren’t you? Of course you are. We got you.

So while she might like getting dirty, you’ve got to keep it clean! Don’t just keep the moves fresh, keep the look fresh too. The Beardo Caffeine Scrub not only helps cleanse and increase circulation, but is also packed with antioxidants to revive tired skin, giving you a fresher, younger look. So get it here, Wake The Face Up and she’ll forget all about sleeping!

You’re welcome.

Beardo out.

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