How to floor her with your facial fuzz this Valentine's Day!

Its that time of the year, when everyone you know seems to have a swoony quality about them. Phrases like love is in the air are thrown around like they were going out of fashion and more than ever, couples feel the need to express their undying love for each other. In short, it's Valentine's Day people and while folically challenged (read clean shaved) men seem to be gloating over their seemingly foolproof lifestyle choice (no one's told them that beards are sexy), bearded men need to do that extra something, pulling out all the stops as it were to woo their lady loves. So here are a few quick tips on how to make sure she loves the way you and (more importantly) your beard look this Valentine's Day.

Remember neat is sexy, scraggly isn't.

Mens-Beard-Styles When it comes to winning your lady love's approval, remember that neat and tidy is the way to go. That doesn't mean get rid of your pride and joy, that just means you need a trim. And while you're at it, you might want to trust a pro with the job, and not risk it yourself.

A clean beard means a happy girlfriend.

Beard_elitedaily In the pursuit of happiness (in the arms of your beloved), a funky smelling (or worse) beard is a massive no-no. Remember to invest in some good quality beard cleanser like a beard wash. This ensures that your beard is clean at all times. In fact just before your date would be the right time to break out the wash and lather it up.

You've got to get your oil on.

50a12ab3adf43 If you're looking at really sweeping your gal off her feet and moving in close, consider using some beard oil. The oil will keep your beard soft and give it a lustre, all the while giving it a lingering fragrance. Think of it as aftershave, without the shave.

Style it with some wax.

man-styling-ends-of-mustache A date with your lady love will no doubt involve a tonne of selfies. And you don't want to get on her bad side because your man sprawl refused to cooperate. Tame those want away facial locks with a little beard and moustache wax. Not only does this keep your beard (and by extension you) looking muy sexy, it also protects your beard from dust and the elements.

Wear it with confidence.

shutterstock_228233446 Confidence is the ultimate turn on, and wearing your beard with confidence should elevate your game to the next level. Walking into her home (and heart) with a swagger in your stride will only serve to make your beard and you, simply irresistible to her. So don't forget your game face before you leave home.   Valentine's Day needn't be the end of your love story with your facial fuzz. Use these simple tips to actually make a bold statement and melt her heart (in the process, making your beard a valued member of the team) this time around.
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