Terms & Conditions- Harley

The Program is being organised by Beardo for the promotion of its products displayed on website – www.beardo.in.


This contest is open for all Indian Citizens residing in India and who meet the eligibility criteria as enumerated herein.



The Contest\Program Specific Rules and Regulations and General Rules and Regulations (collectively referred to as “Rules and Regulations”) shall be binding on each participant (“Participant(s)”) in the Contest. The aforesaid Rules and Regulations are set out hereunder as follows: 



  1. The Products eligible for this promotion are ALL Beardo products 

  2. Promotion is open to all Indian residents, who are above 18 years of age; except directors, partners, proprietors, employees and family members of the Organizer, Participating Outlets, its auditors, associate companies and its advertising and promotional agencies. 

  1. Winners of “Harley Davidsons  Bike (Gift)” should be above 18 years of age and have a valid driving license, failing which they shall not be entitled to the prize or any other compensation in lieu thereof

  1. The Promotion period begins from December 16th till December 18th 2019 ( MAFIA Sale Period). Entries sent by the Participant(s) after the Period, shall not be considered and shall be deemed null and void unless the same is extended by Beardo in writing.

  1. To Enter into the Promotion the participants have to make an entry in the following manner(Hereinafter “Mechanism”) :

    1. Purchase Beardo Products from website during the Sale Period & have successful delivery of the same. Forward a pre-drafted WHATSAPP message to minimum. 2 or more of his/her friends.

    2. On successfully completing the above steps the Participant will be eligible to participate in the Contest. 

    3. The Prize is non-transferable.

    4. Only 1 (one) entry per participant is allowed.

    5. The Participants who have followed the above Mechanism within the Sale Period, will be eligible to be amongst the pool from which 1 winner will be selected on random basis by by Beardo (“Winner”).

    6. The Winner will be contacted by Beardo or its authorised representatives between 10th Jan to 10th Feb via Direct Message on the Social Media Platform(s) and/or in a manner deemed fit by Beardo.

  1. The winner shall be entitled to collect the prize only upon providing the documents like valid Id proof to ascertain, address, age, copy of PAN card/form 60 besides other documents as required against a receipt and the Organizer is satisfied and has verified the same.

  1. All prizes under this promotion are subject to availability and the manufactures’ warranties/ restrictions. Organizer does not guarantee and make any representation about the quality, merchantability, availability, delivery, usefulness, worthiness and character of the prizes and Organizer shall be not held responsible if the same are in any way found to be defective.  Organizer shall not entertain any communication in this regard. The manufacturers will continue to be liable for the prizes, wherever applicable and in case of any defect in the prize, the Participants should contact the manufacturer directly. 

  2. Prize images above are only for appearance, voucher for actual prize may vary.

  1. The Prize can be collected from a location determined by Beardo. (Hereinafter “Store”)

  1. Winner of the Prize shall furnish documents as may be required for redeeming reward and shall execute documents as may be required by the Store. For bike winner the RTO, insurance, registration & local government body charges, etc. will be payable by winner. For bike winner the gift voucher is for Ex-Showroom charges only. 

  1. Participant cannot encash money in lieu of the Prize. 

  1. The Participant(s)  understand that the Entries should not be obscene, vulgar, defaming, denigrating women, artist, celebrity or children, hurting religious sentiments, depicting violence or against the public policy of India or/and the internal policies of the Beardo or in contravention of any law (which term shall carry the same meaning as assigned to it in Article 13(3) of the Constitution of India) in force in India. 

  1. The Entry through the Mechanism shall be deemed to have been casted only when such Entry reaches Beardo’s internet/network provider’s server. Any unclear/incorrect/incomplete Entry, including wrong characters or absence of valid user and e-mail id, incomplete keyword of team (if required), shall be considered invalid Entry and deemed null and void.

  1. Beardo shall not be responsible for any unauthorized access to user data and/or for any compromise on private / confidential user related, or any other data, including but not limiting to user ids, email address, names, or any other user related details.

  1. In case of any network failure, technical problem and/or for any reasons whatsoever, Beardo reserves the right to change the Mechanism and/or cease from accepting the Entries of the persons, or take such necessary steps as it may deem fit.

  1. The Prize does not include any expenses, costs, etc. incurred by the Winner(s) and the Winner(s) shall be responsible for any and all expenses of personal nature being incurred by the Winner(s) to avail the Prize and/or incurred otherwise. 

  1. After the Winner(s) are announced, the Winner(s) are required to approach Beardo and confirm the acceptance of the Prize, in a manner as determined by Beardo along with providing details, copies of citizenship proof, date of birth proof, identity and address proofs, and all other documents as required by the Beardo and would also be required to sign a release letter in the format required by Beardo

  1. The selection of the Entries, mode of acceptance either in full or in part and or the selection of the Winner(s) shall be the sole discretion of Beardo and will be announced by the 15th of JANUARY 2020. The decision of Beardo shall be final and binding and in no event shall the Participant(s) shall dispute the decision made by Beardo.



  1. Beardo reserves a right to extend, cancel, discontinue, prematurely withdraw, change, alter or modify this Program or any part thereof including the eligibility criteria, terms and conditions etc. It shall be the sole responsibility of the Participants to check the rules and regulations of the Contest/Program on the website of Beardo.

  1. This Program cannot be clubbed with any other promotion/offer/discounts which may be applicable on the other products of Beardo.

  1. In case the Participant wishes to contact Beardo or the Agency for any reason whatsoever, the contact should be made only with the number provided by the Agency (Helpdesk) or support@beardo.in email id. Any attempt to contact any officer of Beardo or any of its agencies/its personnel would not be entertained and could lead to the claim of the Participant being rejected.

  1. The Participant(s) hereby agree(s) and confirm(s) that mere announcement/declaration of being selected as a Participant(s) will not entitle the Participant(s) to the Prize.

  1. Nothing in the Program or in the advertising/promotional material relating to the Program shall be deemed to be a permission to use or claim any right or interest in the respective intellectual property rights of Zed Lifestyle.

  1. Beardo is in no manner whatsoever responsible and/or shall not be held liable in any manner whatsoever, for any injury, death, mental trauma caused to the viewer/ Participant(s) in any manner whatsoever, in connection to the Contest. 

  1. Beardo shall in no manner reimburse/incur any cost, expense, losses including but not limited to loss of employment opportunity, loss caused due to absence, etc.  arising out of the participation in the Contest and/or enjoyment of the Prize, and the Participant(s) shall solely bear/incur the same.

  1. Participants shall comply with these terms and conditions and waives any right to claim ambiguity in these terms and conditions and release, indemnify and hold harmless Beardo and their respective affiliates, advertising and promotion agencies, and their respective owners, agents, auditors, representatives, officers, directors and employees from and against any injuries, losses, damages, claims, actions, or any liability of any kind relating to, resulting from or arising from this Program.

  1. All decisions made by Beardo shall be final and binding on all the viewers/ Participant(s) and in no event shall the viewer/ Participant(s) shall dispute the decision made by Beardo and/or its employees in connection to the same 

  1. Nothing in the Program or in the advertising/promotional material relating to the Program shall be deemed to be a permission to use or claim any right or interest in the respective intellectual property rights of Beardo.

  1. All applicable taxes/levies and charges (including but not limited to Gift Tax, registration charges, insurance etc. where applicable) on Prize will be the responsibility of the Participant.

  1. The Personal Information of the Winners shall be provided by Beardo to others assisting Beardo in this regard, including its affiliates, associates, authorities, agents, sponsors, employees, prize suppliers, distributors, deliverers and service providers (as applicable) and the Participant agrees and allows the same.

  1. By participating it is deemed that the Participant(s) have read, understood, accepted and agree to abide with all the Rules and Regulations of the Contest. 

  1. The Participant(s) shall also read, understand, accept and agree to abide with the rules and regulations of the Website.

  1. Beardo is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the Terms & Conditions contained herein. The Participants acknowledge that all information provided in the Contest is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. 

  1. Beardo may at any time, at its discretion, change these terms and conditions, the Rules and/or the Prize mentioned herein, without prior notice. Participants acknowledge that such change shall be binding upon them.

  1. The terms of this Rules and Regulations shall be construed in accordance with the laws of India and in case of any dispute or any other matter arising in reference to the Contest shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Mumbai.

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