Beardo Total Wipeout Combo
Beardo Total Wipeout Combo
Beardo Total Wipeout Combo
Beardo Total Wipeout Combo
Beardo Total Wipeout Combo
Beardo Total Wipeout Combo

Beardo Total Wipeout Combo







Includes: Wipeout Bodywash, Wipeout Handwash, Wipeout Soap & Wipeout Sanitizer

Removes germs, bacteria & viruses from skin

Deep cleanses your skin

Removes dirt & germs effectively



Resist germs & be irresistible

It’s time to prioritize maximum hygiene and protection against bacteria, viruses  & germs and Beardo Wipeout Body Wash is here just for that. Beardo’s best germ protect bodywash is formulated using Triclosan, a well-known and trusted antibacterial & antifungal agent that removes germs and odour causing bacteria from your skin while Neem and Aloe Vera extracts heal and soothe the skin. Moreover, Beardo Wipe Out has a unique and manly fragrance that instantly uplifts your mood and keeps you odour-free and fresh.


No Ifs or buts, wash your hands first!

We don’t keep a track of where and what our hands touch all through the day and therefore it’s important to wash them thoroughly every time you get a chance. Introducing the new Beardo Wipe Out Handwash, Beardo’s best handwash to keep your hands clean without making them dry and rough. It contains Triclosan, a well-known and trusted antibacterial & antifungal agent that removes germs from your hands effectively and Aloe vera extract & Glycerin that soothe your skin and keep it soft and moisturized after every wash.  


Bar the germs

You ought to maintain  complete hygiene and for that you need something more than a regular soap. You need Beardo Wipe Out Soap for men which is Beardo’s best germ protect soap. It gives you an instant rejuvenation along with a thorough cleanse. It is formulated using combination of Neem and Aloe vera extracts which are trusted for their antibacterial and soothing properties. These natural ingredients don’t just eliminate dirt and germs but also remove odor creating bacteria that clings to your sweat. Moreover, its rich foaming action is gentle to use daily to give you a fresh feeling not just while you’re in the shower, but long after the wash as well.


Dry-clean your hands

It is highly recommended to keep your hands clean whether we are at home, office or public places and maintain basic hygiene for ours and our family’s safety. We must ensure that our hands are clean before consuming any eatables or even touching our face as we may come in contact with germs during our routine chores like while driving, opening the door or even ringing the bell. Beardo Wipe Out Sanitizer is Beardo’s best and one and only  product that you should carry along wherever you go, with 66% alcohol content it kills all bacteria, viruses & germs from your hands without using water thereby protecting you from harmful infections.


Will Wipeout prevent Viruses like Covid-19, commonly known as the Corona virus?

The products in Beardo Total Wipe Out Combo are formulated with powerful anti-bacterial, Anti-germicidal ingredients like Triclosan that combat germs effectively. Hence thorough washing of your hands and body with the Beardo Wipeout Combo will help wash off any bacteria or viruses from them, however one should follow complete hygiene precautions issued by the government of India, in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Will using it often make my skin dry and rough?

All the products in Beardo Total Wipe Out Combo are formulated to moisturize and soothe your skin while it wiping out the bacteria & germs and therefore it won’t make your skin excessively dry or rough.  

Can use it on my sensitive skin? What if I develop allergies or rashes?

The products in Beardo Total Wipe out Combo are made using ingredients that are safe and gentle on your skin. In case the concern persists, please consult your local dermatologist. 

Can I wash my face with it?

Beardo Total Wipe Out Combo is formulated to remove dirt and germs from your hands and body.  The skin on your face is more delicate than your hands. We recommend you to pick from our range of face washes. (link)

Is this product harmful to eyes?

If it goes in your eyes, we recommend that you rinse it water immediately and consult the doctor if the sting still persists



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