These celebrity beard transformations prove that BEARDS improve your game!

  There is definitely nothing that makes a man look instantly more awesome, than a beard. For centuries the beard has been the most desirable (and natural) accessory that sets a man, apart from his peers and defines his masculinity. Don�t believe us? Well here are 10 celebrity beard transformations that prove that your game is instantly upped by your man fuzz.

Tom Hardy a.k.a Bane

via GIPHY When actor Tom Hardy went from chocolate boy to grizzly Adams, his sex appeal quotient soared. While he was already popular, his beard simply elevated him to the pantheon of manly men (and Gods), also his film career took a massive upward swing. Coincidence? Maybe. We just think he's that much more WELL MORE in a beard.

Javier Bardem a.k.a every woman's Hispanic lover ideal!

via GIPHY Javier Bardem has carved a niche for himself as one of the most desirable Hollywood leads. His career spans such classics as, The Accidental Husband, Skyfall and Eat, Pray, Love, his swag rose nearly a zillion points when he adopted the more rustic, rugged look!

Arjun Kapoor a.k.a the Hustler

via GIPHY When he isn't playing the role of Ranveer Singh's bestie, or getting pot roasted by AIB for charity, Arjun Kapoor dons the mantle of India's most recognisable beard icon. We think that this talented, former pudgy kid, possesses one of the best tended beards in India your thoughts?

Daniel Day Lewis a.k.a The Oscar Beard

via GIPHY From playing menacing characters like Bill the Butcher in Gangs of New York to legendary American President Abraham Lincoln, on screen, Daniel Day Lewis beard is definitely one of the reasons that he is by far one of the most decorated actors in the world apart from his acting chops that is!

Virat Kohli a.k.a the Record Breaking Beard

via GIPHY Imagine if two of the world's most amazing batsmen (coincidentally both Indian and clean shaven), Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar, ever morphed Virat Kohli would have been that hybrid being! Consistent and ferocious, India's cricket captain has records and women tumbling with his performances and beard in that order!

Shahid Kapoor a.k.a former Chocolate Boy

via GIPHY Shahid Kapoor has come a long way since his debut as a chocolate boy in Ishq Vishq. His new bearded avatar is the one that's winning him both awards and recognition. Remember Haider anyone?

Aaron Paul a.k.a Breaking Beard

via GIPHY While Bryan Cranston's take on Walter White in Breaking Bad was epic, Aaron Paul, the beanie wearing, meth addled Jessie Pinkman, was the character to watch. His scraggly look has since been replaced by a fuller beard, which we think definitely adds several notches to his game!

Ryan Reynolds a.k.a Deadpool Fuzz

via GIPHY While his character in Deadpool was beardless, Ryan Reynold's Canadian looks are really framed admirably by his offscreen man fuzz. Remember his take as an FBI agent in Smoking Aces, the movie may have tanked, but we're glad he persisted with the beard!

Milind Soman a.k.a Elder Beard

via GIPHY At age 50 (or thereabouts) Milind Soman is one of the most recognisable faces in the Indian subcontinent, and also an example of how looks change and evolve with a simple facial fuzz. Sir, you've come a long way from cradling a python in the 90s, and are we so envious.

Sean Connery a.k.a James Beard

via GIPHY Scottish actor Sean Connery is easily one of the most iconic faces in the world. Now in his early 70s he still makes women of all ages swoon bald pated and gloriously bearded, we wish the next Bond character is bearded too maybe a reboot featuring him reprising the role!   So these were our favourite beard transformations across the ages. We'd love to hear and see your own beard transformation stories, hit us up on any of our social media handles or in the comments below.
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