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Moochein ho toh Papa jaisi ho, warna na ho!

Almost every post on moustaches and manliness begins with the Sharaabi dialogue, “moochein ho toh Nathulal jaisi ho, warna na ho!” But mea culpa, there needs to be a change. And this being the day of all days to celebrate the manliest of men in all of creation, i.e. your daddy, I propose a revision

10 Reasons To Date A Bearded Guy

Beards are manly. A man with a beard is just plain sexier than a man with a baby-bare face . It’s almost like having a girlfriend and not a male counterpart. Also, Sometimes girls just want to be manhandled, and a bearded boyfriend is just so badass, right? Kissing is more fun.      

Beards and the icons that rocked them!

Facial hair can radically alter the way a man looks. Whether it is a goatee or a full beard, it can change the way the world perceives you. Men have been sporting beards since the beginning of time. The highest ranking Ancient Egyptians grew hair on their chins which was often dyed and plaited with