Why bearded men make better lovers.

If you've grown your beard for a long time, you'll have learned many things. A beard (much like a pet) teaches you responsibility, care, commitment, and above all else, patience. If all this doesn' t qualify you as a God amongst women, you are probably dating the wrong woman. As lifelong admirers, growers and curators of all things facial fuzz, we at Beardo, recently asked the question, why do bearded men make better lovers, and the answers (insert click bait here) we received will shock you. Interested? Read on.

1. Bearded men dress way better: so they make better arm candy

via GIPHY Ask any woman what they want most in their lover, and the instant answer you'll receive is that they need to look good together. And in this one, bearded men qualify and how! For starters look at all the bearded men (Gods) you idolise, Virat Kohli, David Beckham, a bearded John Abraham, at one point in time or the other, all these guys have featured in (if not topped) the best dressed list. Even sadak pe chalte bearded men, dress that much better than the average Joe. So on the fashion scope, we have the upper hand!

2. They appear more sorted; so they are perceived as more responsible.

via GIPHY Growing a beard is one a man's more sacred responsibilities, tending it, is another. And look at all of history's most influential figures, all bearded, each one sorted, or seemed to have their shit, and by extension everyone's shit figured. Off the top of my head, Jesus one sorted dude. Cool as ice under pressure. All these millennia later, the perception continues Have beard, must be responsible. And let's just say that the chicas love a bro with broad, err beards (it helps shoulder responsibility!)

3. Their sheer animal magnetism; let's face it, we're all mammals, and animals.

via GIPHY There's just something devious and viscerally exciting about a bearded dude. I mean it's simple law of the jungle Jungle mein sher, sheher mein daadi The lion's mane and a man's beard, are both nature's -pheromone kit and the ladies love them some man fuzz for obvious reasons And if it ain't obvious to you yet seriously persist with your stubble, grow it to a full jungle and you'll see for yourself!

4. Science bitches! Bearded men are more virile and the ladies like them so!

via GIPHY Plain scientific fact, the male hormone testosterone is responsible for the growth of your beard. Testosterone is also a marker of your (for lack of a better word toy soldiers), and it emanates from the place where those soldiers are produced; the testes! So putting two and two together, the thicker your beard, the more virile you are and again, by natural selection, the better the women like you!

5. Sensitivity alert, bearded men are perceived as thinkers, lovers and more creative

via GIPHY Women are multilayered (and if you're thinking of an onion you're way off) complex creatures. They're meant to be loved, not understood. They in turn like men who are sensitive, aren't afraid to show their feelings and are creative. Think artists (Rembrandt), musicians (a fuzzy Justin Timberlake), poets (Rabindranath Tagore comes to mind, great poet, greater beard), all the creative types. Now think gentle (Ryan Gosling), funny (Ryan Reynolds) and sensitive (George effing Clooney) and the one common thread is A FREAKING BEARD! Oh and copious beautiful women You do the math!!

6. The tactile factor! You get to pet your animal!

Ever seen how women react to anything cuddly and furry they pet them. And with a bearded man that petting gets into the very PG 18 zone, if you get my drift. Beards make a man akin to the pet that women can (legally) bed! Yet another reason to grow one wouldn't you say?

7. They spend less time on shaving, and more time in making love!

via GIPHY Fidel Castro once said that the 10 minutes he saved shaving everyday, is time he put to better use. And what better use of time is there than making love. If your man has a beard, chances are he spends that much more time taking you to funky town! Ain't that the truth? So there you have it irrefutable scientific (almost, well mostly) evidence that bearded men do indeed make better lovers!!
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