Beardo The Old Fashioned Beard Oil (30ml) & Beard Wash Combo (100ml)
Beardo The Old Fashioned Beard Oil (30ml) & Beard Wash Combo (100ml)
Beardo The Old Fashioned Beard Oil (30ml) & Beard Wash Combo (100ml)
Beardo The Old Fashioned Beard Oil (30ml) & Beard Wash Combo (100ml)

Beardo The Old Fashioned Beard Oil (30ml) & Beard Wash Combo (100ml)



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Suitable for Dry Skin

Nourishes Your Beard

Combats dryness, moisturizes

Use Together for Best Results

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Transform into the Irresistible You!

When God decided to give man a beard, he added a solemn responsibility to man’s ‘To-Do’ list and that was to take care of his man sprawl. To make that God given responsibility a tad bit easier, we bring you Beardo ‘The Old Fashioned’ Beard Oil & Wash combo. 3 unique oils come together to give this combo a distinctive feel – different beard styles at your fingertips! Cedar wood oil to rid your facial hair of environmental pollutants, clove oil, a known astringent to disinfect any remnants and lime to combat dryness.

A couple of washes everyday and your beard will be more than just nourished – it will be pampered, nurtured and cleansed. Don’t be too alarmed if all the women in your neighborhood suddenly seem irresistibly attracted to you! Buy the Beard Oil & Beard Wash Online now!

Product Information

Country of Origin: INDIA

Marketed by: Zed Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd., 711, Shapath V, S.G. Road, Prahlad Nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380015

Best Before: 24 months from date of manufacture

Beardo The Old Fashioned Beard Oil is the reason your beard will stay healthy.

Men’s Facial Hair Styles with Old Fashioned Combo!

Men’s facial hair styling has never been so easy. There is nothing sexier than a healthy-looking beard and we at Beardo know it well. We created Beardo The Old Fashioned Beard Oil and beard wash combo for that very reason. Whether it is long beard styles or short, we know that the best beard styles are all natural. So, we provide you with a wash and oil that are infused with several natural elements.

Ingredients like clove, cedarwood, and lime ensure your beard never goes dry, is protected against the environment, and does not get infected. Get yourself a healthy beard and style it any way you want!

Beardo The Old Fashioned Beard Oil and Beard Wash Combo is the perfect gift.
Beardo Old Fashioned Beard Oil

Beardo Old Fashioned Beard Oil

Cedarwood cleans

Lime sanitizes and adds fragrance

Clove is a natural healer

Makes beard managable and soft

Beardo Old Fashioned Beard Wash

Beardo Old Fashioned Beard Wash

Moisturizes the skin effectively

Disinfects hair

Has a refreshing natural fragrance

Makes beard ready for styling

Hairstyles for Men with Beards

Hairstyling gets that much complicated with beards. There is a whole new section of hair to style and they have to work well with each other to create one complete look. You also have the health of your skin and hair to think about. The old fashioned combo is perfect as the old fashioned oil is great for hair as well as the beard, while the wash makes sure your beard is matching in cleanliness with your hair.

To style your hair in a way that compliments you, use the Beardo Crème Power Styling Wax and for your beard choose from any of the Beardo Beard Grooming Products.

An old-fashioned man knows the importance of natural.



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