If you have a beard, here are 5 beard products you must buy right now!

If you own a cruiser, you'll know the amount of responsibility that goes along with maintaining it. Making sure it is waxed, the engine is running smoothly and it's leather seats are treated just right. How much more then, should you be doing for your ultimate male accessory, the beard? Here is a quick lowdown of the products you need to have in order to keep your beard looking and feeling like a billion bucks.

Beard Wash

Much like you never use soap on your face. You don't use it on your beard either! Beard washes are specially formulated to keep your beard hair soft, nourish the follicles and clean the skin that sustains it thoroughly. Buy it here When to use: Twice daily, in the morning, and in the evening after bathing

Beard Oil

Oil forms a natural barrier between the beard and environmental irritants. In addition it also moisturises the beard and keeps it soft and shiny. Buy it here When to use: Daily

Beard Wax

Formulated with nourishing elements and designed to keep the beard soft and manageable, beard wax is one must have product in every man's travel kit. Used daily it further luxuriates the beard and keeps it in the peak of its condition. Buy it here When to use: Daily, especially before special occasions

Charcoal Face Wash

While this isn't a beard product per se, it is a wonderful way to keep your skin looking oil free and nourished. How can it affect the beard? Well simple, it cleans the skin around and under the beard thoroughly! Need we say more Buy it here When to use: Twice daily

Beard Comb

Combing helps rid your beard of unnecessary irritants, grime and dirt. It also stimulates the sebum producing glands of the skin in order to keep the beard nourished! Buy it here When to use: Daily   Maintaining an award winning beard isn't rocket science and with these tools at your disposal, it is even simpler than ever before.  
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