How to Be the Mane Man

So you pride yourself on being fit. You get in your daily exercise, you maintain your ideal body weight AND you eat right. That’s great!

But does your hair frizz up when you get out of the shower? Does it feel rough when you run your hands through it? Or worse, when your lady tugs on it, does it break off in her hand? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then we’re sorry to break it to you (pun intended) but you’re getting fitness all wrong. Because guess what? YOUR HAIR NEEDS PROTEIN TOO!

And if it’s breaking off at awkward times or it gets so big and frizzy that it might as well be a separate person, then it’s clearly not getting the nourishment it needs to stay strong and healthy.

If that’s the problem, then the Beardo Keratin Shampoo for damaged hair and hair growth is your solution. Quite literally too!

The keratin shampoo benefits don’t end at that, it’ll also save you truck-loads of time. No, it’s not some form of sorcery. It simply keeps you hair soft and manageable, so you spend less time setting tresses and more time setting trends.

Get yourself some keratin care pronto! Don’t just be the man, be the MANE MAN.

You’re welcome.

Beardo out.

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