Be dirty at the right places.

A happy and healthy living is what everyone aspires to have and hygiene plays a big role in keeping one healthy. However, intimate hygiene never rings a bell for men. But don’t you think it’s illogical? Coz men’s intimate hygiene is as important as women’s since both face several intimate hygiene issues.

Our weather is filled with a number of pollutants, dirt and heat make it really hellish for men down under. They often face itchiness and gather unpleasant odour due to sweat and microbes. It is very embarrassing to scratch yourself in public and even more so when an unpleasant smell from your manhood distinguishes your steamy moments. To avoid such uncomfortable situations, men need to pay attention to their private parts and upgrade their intimate hygiene routine.

Regular soap and body wash may clean the area but due their high alkaline content, they make it dry and create an imbalance in the PH level which further leads to itchiness and other infections. To combat men’s hygiene issues Beardo has introduced Men’s Intimate Wash which contains active ingredients like Tea Tree oil, Glycerin and Lactic acid. Along with a refreshing smell, Tea Tree oil has excellent healing properties and also helps in preventing bacterial and fungal infections. Lactic acid helps in controlling the PH level of the area and Glycerin helps in keeping the area moisturized. Using Beardo Intimate Wash daily will make you feel fresh, relaxed and comfortable in your own skin, especially before you get dirty! We also recommend you to keep up your hygiene regime by using Beardo Bodywash which keeps you fresh and confident all day long.

Until we meet again, Beardo out!

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