A Mustache have this season!

Mustaches are getting popular these days, thanks to our Bollywood hunks like Akshay Kumar, Ayushman Khurana, Vicky Kaushal and Ranveer Singh for their distinct looks. All these starlets are rocking different kinds of mustaches in their upcoming films and we bet that mustaches are going to be a rage sooner than you thought. Beardo has you covered with our Mustache and Beard Wax. Here are some popular and easy mustache styles to rock this season.

Chevron: This is one of the simplest mustache style and its great for people with straight hair. If you don't have straight hair, just comb your mustache and apply a small amount of Mustache and Beard wax to keep your Chevron mustache in place.

Handle Bar: This is one of the most popular mustache styles these days. You need a little patience to let your mustache grow and trim it properly to get this look. Comb the mustache evenly, now dabble some Mustache and Beard Wax and apply in outward motion giving a sleek curve to your stache.

Horseshoe: When you say Horseshoe mustache, Hulk Hogan’s image pops up in the mind immediately. Favorite with the rookies and ghettos, this mustache gives you a distinct bad boy appeal. To grow this style, you just have to grow a French beard but shave away the hair on the chin. Just apply some Mustache and Beard Wax to keep the hair in place and you’ll be ready to rock!

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