8 Beard Myths Debunked

There was a time when beards weren't the exception, but the norm. When men with beards weren't the oddity or fancy faced one's at a party, they were the hosts and the guests, they were quite literally every man. We speak of course of a time we like to call BR (before razors). Ever since the invention of the razor though, the bearded man, has become somewhat of an endangered species. Nowadays it is difficult to tell the difference between most a real man and a teenage boy, thanks to superior shaving technology. There is hope though, because few amongst us, the true bravehearts have resolved never again to go back to that oppressive tool and shear ourselves voluntarily (unlike sheep). But we digress, this post is to enlighten you about a few misconceptions about beards, that have been perpetrated by the evil shaving cream companies, or are simply based on hearsay.

Men with beards suffer from persistent itch:

                That is completely untrue, there's a difference between itching your beard and stroking it with pride. Most often, a little itch is common, and any smart bearded man knows that it is important to keep their beard well maintained and hydrated, that is simply why we use beard oil!

Women find beards unattractive:

                Wow! We wonder how Leonardo Dicaprio, Hrithik Roshan, Chris Hemsworth and even Keanu Reeves are on the top to do list for any woman! In a recent survey an overwhelming majority of women found men with beards, more attractive, mature and desirable, as compared to the shaved variety. Wow, razor blade manufacturers, you really had us going there NOT!

If you're getting older, you ought to dye your beard:

In India, it is quite the tradition to use hair dye on a man's greying foliage, but the same doesn't apply to beards. In fact salt and pepper beards are most desirable, as they automatically endow a man with both seniority and wisdom, two traits that make him infinitely more desirable to women.

Beards look best when they're full:

  Well we're on the fence with this one, but honestly, whatever the style of the beard, from the scraggly to the French, from the rocker goatee to the handlebar, from the helmet strap to the soul patch, as long as it suits the shape of your face, it works!

Beards are full of impurities:

This one is both true and false. Your beard is kind of like a filter, it keeps away environmental irritants like dust and pollen away from the sensitive facial skin, so maintaining it and cleansing it is your responsibility. That's easy with our extensive beard grooming product range!

Beards are not workplace friendly:

We'd normally recommend that you quit the workplace that isn't beard friendly, but thankfully most workplaces today have embraced the beard with open arms. While some professions like advertising agencies and event companies have always been bastions of the bearded folk, most corporates too, have started coming to terms with the awesomeness that is the man sprawl, with a proviso that it is well maintained!

Shaving makes beards grow thicker:

  This one's a definite NO. There's no logic to prove that actually shaving off your facial hair will make it come in thicker, unless of course you were a sheep in a past life. Most experts agree that the only way to a thick, full beard is to abstain from shaving, use a good quality beard growth oil and have plenty of veggies for trace minerals like selenium that stimulate hair growth.

Beards make your face sweaty in the summer:

  By that logic, bears should have found a cool, dark place to rest, and wait out the hot Indian summer! Fact is that beards infact protect your facial skin from UV rays and the evaporative power of a beard ensures that your jaw and your face as a whole remains a lot cooler! Also on a completely unrelated subject, hair grows faster in the summer, the same is true for your facial fuzz, so our advice, retire the razor and bask in the nurturing rays of the sun! Fact is that beards are awesome, whichever way you look at them. They give your face protection from the elements and they give your ladies something to really fondle. So man up! Grow some face fuzz already and say NO to shaving!
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