6 must have summer grooming essentials for MEN!

Few things faze Indian men, the long Indian summer is definitely one of them. The summer in the subcontinent is an arid and trying time, especially on your hair and skin and as such it pays to prepare for it in advance. With men's grooming more important today, than probably ever before, it does make perfect sense that we compile a list of the top essentials every man should have in order to cope with the increasingly stressful Indian summer. So here is a list of the top products we believe you should have in your possession this summer.

An excellent multi-purpose lotion:

Untitled-1 Men's skin is tough, but it isn't rhino hide. It needs to be protected from pollution, the UV rays of the sun and particulate matter. The essence of any good grooming ritual is a conditioner, and a multi-purpose conditioning lotion doubles up as a sunscreen and a skin lightening cream as well. You will want your lotion to contain SPF or sun protection factor, the rule of thumb is greater the SPF, the better the lotion. A good multi-purpose lotion will provide an SPF of 30 and above which is ideal for the Indian summer, it is also non-sticky and is hypoallergenic, so easier for the skin to absorb.

An excellent face wash:

sports active..in. chilled out in too hot in It is a fool's errand to suppose that a man's face doesn't need a good cleansing routine, only because we can sprout a beard. If anything a bearded man's face needs an even better cleansing routine. When it comes to cleansing, always go in for a good face wash, if it is a specialised beard wash, so much the better. The benefits of a good cleansing routine are infinite, but probably the most important thing it does is prevent the outbreak of acne by restoring the skin's delicate pH balance.

Beard oils:

  With a growing number of men opting to grow out their beards, the need to condition this facial fuzz has never been this apparent. Beard oils are essential to the moisturization process, as they help repel environmental impurities and keep a man's beard soft, shiny and well taken care of. Most beard oils come in a variety of fragrances which linger and this makes it that much simpler for your lady to put up with your man sprawl!

Beard combs:

61nb3bxakjL._SL1200_ Facial hair can often times get tangled and unruly, especially if you're a biker or have an outdoorsy lifestyle. Facial hair combs, or beard combs as they are better known are made from natural grained woods, the best being Neem and Shisham, and help sort any tangles in your beard. The motion of combing out tangles also stirs your facial pores to stimulate your sebum (skin oil glands) production, keeping your skin naturally hydrated.

Beard wax:

beardo-50-beard-mustache-wax-for-styling-the-400x400-imaedtvqf55tqe3r Going to work or client meetings in the heat of the sun, with a messed up beard is a strict faux-pas and should be avoided at all costs. Beard wax is meant to keep your beard in check and of course protect it from the rigours of the environment. The wax forms a protective layer on your beard, that naturally protects its inherent moisture, repels dirt and grime and leaves it shiny and more importantly, holds its shape.

Beard growth oil:

41z4LT+WqRL A real boon for the follically challenged male, looking to sprout some facial hair. Beard growth oils stimulate the body's natural hair growth faculties and quite literally puts some hair on your face! In addition to these, a good perfume, a body wash (catered to men please), and an anti-dandruff shampoo for dry scalps are all the things you'll need to keep yourself in the best groomed shape this summer!
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