5 Reasons For You To Dump The Razor This Grovember

What’s No Shave November, you ask? Well, it is a month long movement that men across the world observe to raise awareness about the men’s health. During this, men refrain from shaving or grooming their hair, and donate the money thus saved, towards awareness programmes. Over the years, No Shave November, or #Grovember as we like to call it, has evolved and men now, grow their hair long this period to support the cause and stand by the male fraternity, much more than for awareness.

Looking to grow your mane and keeping it in place this No Shave November? If yes, don't let the grooming and maintenance bog you down! Even if you do not shave your beard and mustache, there are plenty of ways keep them groomed, healthy and stylish. So, stop worrying about whether or not you would look good, by leaving it to the Male Grooming Experts - Beardo. 

Here are 5 Beardo ways make you look like every bit of the quintessential man you are, this November: 

#1 Get Dirty, We’ve got you covered

Yes, you need a Skincare Regime because your beard just like your hair can get really dirty and can even spoil your skin quality. Make sure you cleanse and detox your skin regularly with a refreshing facewash to remove any excess oil and grime from your face. Washing your face multiple times a day with our refreshing charcoal facewash is a very good way to keep your face fresh and hydrated, while you grow your beard long and strong, this Grovember.

#2 Go Oil the Way

Everything needs a bit of oiling now and then to function properly, just like your beard! If you are wondering about how to grow a beard, did you know you need something extra?

BEARDO growth oil is the answer, use it regularly to give your beard the required nutrients and a boost in growth. By using oils like Beardo oil for beard and mustache, you can be rest assured about having a patchy beard, and bask in all your beard glory, this Grovember.

#3 Condition it Unconditionally

Conditioning can go a long way, especially when it comes to beards. While you proudly grow your mane this November, make sure you soften and condition your beard with a beard softener This simple step will make sure that she likes to run her hands through your soft and smooth beard, just as much as you do!

#4 Style it Right

Grooming and styling goes hand in hand, and you have all kinds of styling opportunities at your disposal when you are growing your beard and mustache. So hear us out, this November, break your regular beard and mustache routine to try something different with the right styling wax products.

#5 Nourish Regularly

While the usual trimming, shaping and styling is necessary, it is very important that you keep your beard and mustache nourished. Stand out as a true Beardo, this Grovember by giving your beard and mustache that extra bit of care that it deserves. One of the best ways to do so, is by taking care of all your grooming needs with Beardo, the male grooming experts.

Now that you have our expert tips, go out there and make it happen, Beardo!

Beardo Out!

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