5 Cardinal Beard Sins to Avoid

Your beard is your pride and joy. It is but obvious therefore that you would love to pamper it, show it off and keep it in great shape always. But we are human at the end of the day, and as with everything, with our beards too we are prone to sin. Sins in this case would be common beard related bad habits or mistakes that we all are guilty of having committed at some time or the other. So here are the 5 cardinal beard sins you should avoid in order to have the beard that Zeus himself would envy.  
  1. Not washing regularly.

via GIPHY We understand that you live a fast paced, life @ the speed of thought. We know that very often you don't have the time even to lets say tend to an itch. We also know that your magnificent beard may have started out as a result of not having the time to shave. But since then it has evolved into so much more. It is almost a part of your personality, and if you want to keep it so, WASH the damn thing regularly. It literally takes two minutes. Lukewarm or cold water with a quality beard wash is all the maintenance it needs. Your beard doesn't ask for much (unlike a demanding girlfriend) and this is the bare minimum you can do, in exchange for all it does for you!  
  1. Not moisturising regularly.

via GIPHY With great beards come great responsibility. Unless you want to look like a mad bum or a lunatic, with split ends and scraggly hair poking out in every conceivable direction, you should (and we mean that religiously) moisturise your beard regularly. Moisturisation is critical to the beard growing and styling process, and why, you ask? Quite simply because a softer, fuller beard both looks and feels better. Not to mention it is easier to style and holds said style much better. Keep a daily moisturisation routine in place. Start with gently washing your beard (as explained in Step 1) and then use a quality beard oil (once you've dried off the excess water). It is literally that simple. Anybody could do it, so why aren't you?  
  1. Stroking your beard or letting people fidget with it.

via GIPHY Your proud beard is the centrepiece of your face. It is your calling card and as such, an indelible part of your identity. So do yourself and it a favour DON'T STROKE IT, or let other people FIDGET with it! You wouldn't let anyone touch your Harley or your prized car, then why the hell should your face be any different? Stroking your beard excessively, and that too without washing your hands is the number one reason your beard hair can get weakened. Not to mention that stroking the beard causes an overstimulation of the sebum producing glands and while that may sound like a good thing, you are actually effing up the natural balance of your skin, making it overly oils and weakening the beard follicles in the process.
  1. Getting a trim from an unqualified stylist.

via GIPHY You wouldn't get a heart surgery from a mechanic, or buy medicines from a butcher, right? Then how is it that you can simply let an unqualified stylist within millimetres of your face, trimming your pride and joy? Yes, finding a qualified beard stylist is a bit of a search, but in the age of free wi-fi and the Google devta, how on earth can you not look for one at least!  
  1. Using ordinary soap on your face.

via GIPHY Most of us men wash our face just once or twice a day (depending on how many times we bathe), and even them we make the mistake of applying regular body wash soap onto our faces. Trust us, this means suicide for the delicate pH balance of your face. Soap tends to dry out the face and makes it more prone to dead skin and hair follicles. So stop waiting to wash your face and do it more often, but for the love of Thor! Please use a face wash!   Beards are objects of art, and objects of art need to be well tended, if they are going to be displayed, and expected to look awesome (the way they were meant to be), so avoid these 5 cardinal beard sins, and your object of art will look and feel a lot better! Until next time, stay bearded, stay cool!  
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