June 2016 – Beard grooming products for men | Beardo

Moochein ho toh Papa jaisi ho, warna na ho!

Almost every post on moustaches and manliness begins with the Sharaabi dialogue, “moochein ho toh Nathulal jaisi ho, warna na ho!” But mea culpa, there needs to be a change. And this being the day of all days to celebrate the manliest of men in all of creation, i.e. your daddy, I propose a revision

10 modern day cricketers with beards

Cricketers and beards have a long history in the game of cricket. Ever since the last century, cricketers with beards have had iconic statuses in cricket; be it WG Grace’s thick beard or Mike Brearly’s dark mane. Over the years, many things have changed but the beards have stayed. Beards signify manliness they say; whether