These 10 transformations prove that growing a beard can change your life!

So you've been eyeing that beautiful senorita across the room all night. You do a freshness check. You smell amazing. Your hair is on FLEEK! Hell! You'd go out with you if you was a chica! You know just what you're going to say to her. You stride over Confidence at an all time high. You are about to make your move. And then it happens. She takes one look at you. Or rather through you. And she walks up to the bearded guy seemingly minding his own business and they leave. Sound familiar? Well Mr. Clean Shaven, you've experienced something that science has been monitoring for a while. Yup hardcore LEGIT scientists in white coats, have been peering over reams and reams of data, of cases and instances like yours And finally they've compiled a report in the Official Journal of the Human Behaviour and Evolution (if that doesn't sound legit, nothing will!) And the findings aren't all too shocking
  • Bearded men are thought of as better
  • They have higher levels of testosterone
  • Are perceived to be more masculine, rugged and better lovers
  • More patient, mature and able to sustain relationships better
In short they have the secret SAUCE that the ladies desire. Also let's face it, they look way BETTER than clean shaven BOYS (there we said it, what a load off our chest!) Need proof, well here are 15 well known men from around the world, with and without their beard. You be the judge of it.

Kristofer Hivju

Hugh Jackman

Bryan Cranston

Christian Bale

Chris Pine

Pierce Brosnan

Jared Leto

Chris Hemsworth

Jason Momoa

Tom Hardy

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