10 simple ways to prevent hair fall!

  When you think of styling men, their hair is always one of the first things that come to mind. Whether it is a man with long flowing locks, a man bun, short crew or a any other fashionable style, hair is culturally and stylistically as important to men as it is to women. Well, then the problems that come with hair too, are more or less common. Especially the question of hair fall. The fact is that men lose as much hair as women and there is no one formula that will work for both. Hair fall can be caused by a host of factors, from the environment to stress, and from lifestyle to grooming habits. So here are 10 simple ways to prevent hair fall, each one of which relates to all these factors.

Negating environmental factors

Environmental factors like dust, sunlight and pollution can cause serious damage to your hair. In order to help lessen the impact the environment has on your hair, here are a few simple tips to help.
  1. Oiling your hair

Yes, the age old practice of oiling your hair is still relevant. Oil creates a natural barrier between environmental irritants and your hair's roots. Dust, pollutants and sunlight are effectively negated by the simple application of oil on the scalp. Sure it is a little messy, but in the long run, the payoff is worth it.  
  1. Whenever possible, cover up

Hats, scarves and bandanas are more than just fashion accessories. This is especially true if you have a more active lifestyle and spend a lot of time outdoors. A simple barrier between the air and your hair, in the form of either of these (hat, scarf, bandana) will dramatically lessen the impact of the environment on your hair, preventing hair fall.  
  1. Cleansing routine

Having a good hair care regime is of vital importance. Washing your hair with a good shampoo, one that is specially formulated for the subcontinental conditions, like the Beardo Hairfall Control Shampoo, is highly recommended. With active ingredients like aloe vera, lemon oil, lemongrass oil and brahmi, this shampoo is designed to both strengthen the roots and prevent hair fall.  
Stress Management This may sound redundant, but stress either at work or at home can cause hair fall. The key therefore is stress management. So here are a few things that can help with stress management and hair fall.
  1. Yoga

Yoga helps with a wide range of ailments, and is also an effective stress management tool. Deep breathing, positive affirmations and keeping a smile on your face, will all go a long way in keeping the hair on your head as well!  
  1. Anger management

Are you the type, who can't seem to keep a lid on their anger? Well we have news for you, the red eyed anger monster, does more than give you health problems, it causes the hair follicles to weaken too! So the phrase pulling out your hair in anger, is true in more ways than one. So buddy, the next time you get totally PO-ed, remember to calm down, before your hair totally pops off your head!  
Lifestyle factors Let's face the facts, like most lifestyle ailments, hair fall too is easily controllable through a series of behaviour modifications. Sedentary life, is by far the number one reason for a host of lifestyle issues, hair fall included, and controlling this then needs the following.
  1. Get off your ass

The only way to get more activity into your daily routine is by making time. A simple brisk walk, standing up more often, climbing flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator, and small things to get more active can help fight hair fall. How? Quite simple really, when you're more active, the body's hormone production is also at its optimum level. This means that along with the hormones that help in weight management, stress reduction, the hormones responsible for hair growth too are automatically stimulated get the picture?  
  1. Eat right

An often repeated mantra, but eating right also helps in stimulating hair growth and preventing hair fall. Hair is mostly protein, and it is a known fact that the Indian diet is plentiful in carbs (thanks to our penchant for breads and rice) but deficient in protein. A simple adjustment then, where you consume more plant and animal protein, like greens, soya, paneer, lean chicken and fish, will definitely have a positive effect in curbing hair fall!  
Grooming Habits Grooming is essential in order to appear presentable and style yourself. But there are some mistakes that all of us are prone to. Avoiding these mistakes in themselves will help in reducing hair fall dramatically.
  1. In the shower

  • Avoid using water that is either too hot, or too cold. This disturbs the scalp's delicate pH balance and impedes in the growth of new hair follicles, not to mention, that it also weakens existing hair follicles.
  • Make sure that you rinse your hair thoroughly BEFORE you use shampoo. This makes the application of shampoo that much simpler and more effective.
  • Always wait at least 5 minutes before rinsing off Beardo Anti Hair Fall Shampoo, as this gives the hair follicles an opportunity to absorb the nutrients.
  • Never use a bath towel to rub your hair dry, instead simply dab the damp hair and if you must, use a blower or hair dryer on a gentle setting to dry the excess moisture.
  • Avoid brushing or combing wet hair, if you are looking to style your hair, do so when your hair is damp, and not heavy on moisture. Wet hair when combed is prone to breakage.
  1. Be wise, style wise

  Many products in the market tend to dry out your hair. Parabens in hair gels and any product with a petroleum base can wreak havoc with the scalp's pH and make your hair's roots weak and susceptible to breakage. Ensure that you consult your stylist before you invest in any hair styling product, as it should match up to your hair type.  
  1. Don't get fidgety

  Are you the type who loves running his hands through his hair often? Well we are here to tell you to stop that! Running your hands through your hair brings your scalp in contact with excess sebum or oil from your skin's pores, this leaves your roots feeling heavy and oily. In the long run, this will mean a loss in volume through hair fall! So there you have it, 10 simple things that will help you care for your hair better and lead to less hair fall!  
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