10 Beard Styles to try this World Beard Day

If you are a pogonophile, you cannot be satisfied with the casual round or oval beard styles. The ultimate goal of grooming your beard is to add contrast and dimension to your face. This World Beard Day raise eyebrows everytime you walk in with one of these awesome beard styles. With great beard comes great responsibility. Which of these styles will you choose?

The Verdi Style

It's a short rounded beard coupled with a moustache. A flawlessly groomed moustache is the key to mastering The Verdi Style.This style makes you look distinctive and sophisticated at the same time.Sport this style and make heads turn this World Beard Day.

How to grow it:

  1. Be particular of the length of your beard which should not go beyond 10 Centimetres when measured from the lower lip and your moustache must not develop more than 2 centimetres past the edge of your mouth.

  2. Shave a slight part from between your goatee and your soul patch, till the corners of your lip

  3. Trim your sideburns leaving aside the beard at the edges of your jawline.

  4. Keep your moustache flawlessly groomed and turned upright from the corners. Use our moustache wax to keep the ends in place.

Van Dyke style

To get this refined look you need to shape goatee and moustache with precision. The clean sides ensure that your beard garners all the attention that it deserves. This style is classy yet modern in the way you keep it. So go ahead and accentuate the overall look of your personality.

How to grow:

  1. Shave the sideburns.

  2. Shape your moustache in an elegant manner.Use our moustache wax to keep it in place.

  3. Grow your goatee thick to get the Van Dyke style right.

  4. Shave under your lower lip except the patch connecting with the goatee.

The Razor's Edge

This beard style can give you an edge over others during any season, because this style never goes out of trend. Take charge and become the boss with this beard style.

How to grow:

  1. Grow your beard wild and full and give it round shape at the ends. Use our beard balm to keep your beard hairs soft and to beat the beard itch.

  2. Trim to make it slightly neat and faded at the side burns. Comb it regularly with our beard comb.

  3. Grow out your moustache and give it a slight curl with our moustache wax to add a wild streak to the look.

Heightened Cheek Bone Stubble

A stubble beard looks attractive, charming and is easy to maintain. It also suits almost all facial shapes. If you have a sharp jawline and perfect cheekbones, this style is sure to make you look smarter.

How to grow:

  1. Grow a short beard.

  2. Enhance your cheek bone by trimming the portions near it.

  3. Define the lines of the beard very carefully.

  4. Keep your jawline untouched.

  5. Trim your neck to get a better clean look.

  6. Fade the parts very carefully under your lower lip.

The Hipster Beard Style

The hipster beard style is a refreshing and laid back look. Stop shaving for a few months and you should be able to grow your beard long enough to attain this look. This long flowing style is a combination of a neatly combed coif and a wild beard. If taken care of it will make you look like the casual laid back hipster.

How to grow:

  1. Keep your grooming tool untouched for few months until you get a fully grown beard. Use our growth oil to accelerate your beard growth.

  2. Shave or pluck stray hairs that start encroaching on your neck or upper cheeks. You want most of the growth to be concentrated around your mouth, lower cheeks, and jawline. Use our beard oil to tame your wild growth.

  3. Shape your beard to your face but keep it scruffy. Don't forget to wash your beard with our beard wash to avoid it from getting itchy.

  4. Let your moustache grow wild. Use beard balm to keep it soft and clean.

The Zappa Beard

The Zappa Beard is an easy beard style that exudes a very cool look. A bushy upper lip and a thick soul patch is all you need to get this look. Plus it shaves a lot of time from your grooming schedule. So will you be adding this clean and modern look to your ensemble?

How to grow:

  1. Give a downward curve to your thick moustache. Use our moustache wax.

  2. Shave the rest of the face leaving aside a thick soul patch.

The Uniform Beard

For this beard style to work it needs to be uniform in length.Beards complete a man and this beard is certain to make you the leader of your pack!

How to grow:

  1. Grow the full beard and let it extend till 2 cm past your chin. Our beard growth oil can help accelerate your beard growth.

  2. Give it a fine rounded shape at the ends. Use our styling and shaping comb to get the desired shape.

  3. Take care to maintain those sideburns, but let the moustache grow so that no distinction is left between the beard and the moustache.

  4. Just keep it uniform in length otherwise.

Anchor Style

It might look like an Anchor, but don't worry it will never hold you back. In order to maintain this beard, you will need to visit the barber very often as its an high maintenance look. It's tricky to get it right but the end result is nothing short of spectacular.

How to grow:

  1. Lose the sideburns but extend your beard along the jawline and style it to a point.

  2. This point should be connected to a pencil moustache so that the overall shape is anchor-like.

  3. Leave the patch under your lip and the goatee, faded at the connection and trim the rest of the part under your lip.

The Balbo Beard.

The Balbo Beard is a beauty in itself. It consists of three sections, a moustache, scraggly sideburns and a soul patch under the lower lip with a slight fade along the sides It reflects how stylish you are and balances your face cut too.

How to grow:

  1. You need to have a fairly luscious beard before you even get started.

  2. Trim your whiskers first, leave aside the hair along your mouth and chin long and give the rest an even trim.

  3. Very precisely start trimming wide at the center under your lower lip, leave aside the little patch there and then curve downwards and outwards on either side of your chin.

  4. Trim at the corner of your lips and the goatee to create that distinction.

  5. Shave regularly and keep the outlines defined.

  6. Try it only if you are a true master in this art.

Bandholz Style

This is the finest classic beard type with a heavy look and dark appearance popularized by Eric Bandholz. Almost 3-4 months are required to get a perfect bandholz beard but it's all worth the wait in the end if you have taken care of it with utmost patience.  

How to Grow:

  1. Let your beard grow freely and wild.

  2. Trim after every 5 months.

  3. Maintain the length and girth and leave your grooming tools aside.

  4. Have patience. 

So which of these beard styles would you choose this World Beard Day? Tell us in the comments below. Don't forget to like and share this post with your friends! Happy World Beard Day.
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